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Eddie Chaos
09-10-2012, 19:40
Is it just me or is Fabius looking like a great choice in the new book? no more random table for enhanced warriors, simply fearless and +1 strength for one unit of chaos space marines FOR FREE, Fabius himself isn't too shabby either and is one of the cheaper special characters.

20 strong unit of enhanced, marked marines with veterans of the long war and an appropriate icon anyone?

Freman Bloodglaive
09-10-2012, 21:21
They're fearless, they don't need the VotLW upgrade.

He's a cheapish special character for a reason, he was pretty bad in the last Codex, and his personal abilities still haven't changed much. He still doesn't have a power weapon for example. His upgrade is pretty good on one unit, but people who played a full enhanced list last edition won't be happy.

Basically the only justification for taking him was to maximise his upgrade power. Otherwise he was about 60 points overcosted. He's still 60 points overcosted, but only affects one unit.

For his cost you can get a Chaos Lord, sigil of corruption, mark of Khorne (or any mark really), and a power axe, and still have 50 points left over.

09-10-2012, 22:19
Compare him to Huron Blackheart, in my opinion he is much better at the same cost. Fabius has no power weapon, no invul save, he has to issue and accept challenges and enchances only one unit. I love the model but I dare to say that from the current SCs he is the worst one.

I was thinking about enchancing with him 20 marines with Close combat weapons, meltaguns, something for a champion. Mark of Nurgle for 5T or Mark of Slaanesh for I5 in CC and FnP to make them a bit more survivable. I think You should be pushing them through outflank via Huron's or Ahriman's warlord trait.

09-10-2012, 22:27
Or stick them in the Stormtalon (or whatever that FW flying transport is called). It'd be sort of like having a mini-death company unit. Not sure if it's at all efficient though. Edit - probably not. An enhanced max-strength squad with Mark and Icon of Slaanesh, CCWs, Meltas, and a champion with a bit of gear pushes you to almost 600 points before their ride.

09-10-2012, 23:11
Hes good for a bit of fun. If I calculate it correctly he has 7 attacks on the charge? Hes not a random profile anymore either. Should be able to dish some hurt on most units even without a power weapon.

10-10-2012, 07:28
I've always liked fabius biles fluff. He dosent really follow any of the chaos gods and nor is he chaos undivided. He just seems to want to be a mad scientist and create abominations. As for his profile he got a fair bit better but still a bit too costly for what he does. I do like that he no longer risks killing your guys, but its unfortunate you may only enhance 1 squad now. Overall he's a decent SC for a fun game.