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Biel Tan
10-10-2012, 10:26
Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Iím hoping to get some help finishing off my fluffy Biel Tan list. I think Iím almost there but would really appreciate a list review by someone more experienced to makes sure Iím not missing anything.

Iíd really like some guidance in three areas. Composition, war gear and tactics. My primary opponent will be fielding a Nurgle list. Looks a bit like this from what I understandÖ

Daemon Prince
35 Plague Marines
2 x Rhino
Land Raider
Greater Demon (GUO)

So far my army consists ofÖ

Farseer (Doom & Fortune)

5 x Striking Scorpions + Exarch
6 x Harlequins + Shadowseer (kisses)
5 x Fire Dragons

9 x Dire Avengers + Exarch (Shuriken Catís & Blade Storm)
9 x Dire Avengers + Exarch (Shuriken Catís & Blade Storm)
6 x Rangers

2 x Wave Serpents

1 x Falcon
1x Wraith Lord

Total Points so far: 1704
Spare Points: 296

Any advice on composition and tactics would be really appreciated, especially any advice on dealing specifically with my brothers army.

Thanks a lot.

10-10-2012, 10:53
None of this makes any sense! :confused:

Might want the 40K forums just below this one. ;)

12-10-2012, 12:48
Ya... this is fantasy not 40k, wrong thread