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The Great Flaming Odin
11-10-2012, 19:23
Hi Everyone, so this will be my first (of hopefully many) battle report. I had a 200pt game last night against a friend who's getting back into fantasy after a while off. He plays high elves and Teclis. He fully admits that Teclis is broken but it was a friendly game so I said why not?

Im doing this from memory and dont have his exact list but I'll try to make it as accurate as possible.

My list (roughly)

Slann: loremaster light, becalming, BSB, Ethereal, Crown of Command, Cupped Hands

Scar Vet: BBoC, Gamblers Armour, Shield

Skink Priest: lvl2, Cube of Darkness

30 SW, HW & S, FC

25 SW, Sp & S, FC

10 Skink Cohort

10 Skink Skirmishers

10 Skink Skirmishers

10 Skink Skirmishers

6 Chamo Skinks

Baby Steg



His list,

Teclis, lore of life

Special Character whose name i forget

High elf noble, BSB, Banner of the world Dragon (makes unit immune to the effects of spells)

High elf noble, great weapon, Magic bow (str5 i think??)

30 Lothern sea gaurd

15 archers

15 archers

2 bolt throwers

2 eagles

There was plenty of terrain, non of it played any real role except in shooting penalties. and an arcane ruins.


so I won the role for table edge and allowed him to deploy first. He has way less units than me so was going to get +1 to fist turn anyway. I but Skink drops accross the board before comminting any of my combat blocks so I knew where all his stuff was. Luckily He deployed hes bolt throwers close to two Skirmisher units

His deployment from my left to right,

Archers (in building), eagle, lothern sea gaurd with all his characters in horde formation, eagle, archers, bolt throwers

My deployment from my left to right,

Skink Cohort, Sala, Steg, HW & S saurus Slann and scarvet in here, Sp saurus, Sala, Skirmishers w/ priest, skirmishers, skirmishers. Chamo skinks deployed in front of my two skirmisher units on the right to act as a screen.

He wins first turn.

High Elves Turn 1

He moves nothing.

Winds of magic plus Teclis' staff and channeling gave him 12 PD against my 5. He tries to cast Thrown of Vines but since Teclis is in the same unit as the BSB with Spell Immunity Banner it can't work (I think we played this right please let me know if we didnt). My saurus blocks were out of range of Dwellers so he used it on the chamo skinks instead and 4 die. He finishes the phase with +2 T on the right most archer Unit. Chamos pass their panic test.

Shooting sees the chamo skinks dead and a wond put on my right most salamander from the bolt throwers (steg was out of range)

Lizzies Turn 1

Saurus blocks move straight towards the the sea gaurd. Left most skink unit also heads toward the sea guard. Left salamander moves to shoot archers in the building. Steg moves up to threaten the flank of the sea guard. Both Saurus blocks move directly towards the sea guard. salamander moves up for a flank shot on the sea guard. Skirmishers run towards the bolt throwers, ignoring the archers. The priest leaves his skirmisher unit and parks himself behind some arcane ruins for dice channeling. Hes out of LoS from bow fire.

Magic. I end up with 5 dice and he has loads (doesnt matter). I try for an irresistable Bubble timewarp, mainly for the speed boost but also to pass the miscast on to Teclis. I dont get IF so he scrolls it with Teclis' scroll and also makes my Slann forget the spell so so much for that plan.

Shooting does nothing, left sala was out of range and right one ate a skink. Skirmishers still out of range of bolt throwers.

High elves turn 2.

He declares a charge against my right sala with his left eagle, I flee, he tries to redirect into my priest but fails and fails his pursuit of the sala putting him in easy charge distance of my steg. He removes his BSB from the sea guard so he can start buffing the unit, and sends him into the right archers. No other movement. All panic checks passed.

Magic. Again he has los of dice and I have very few. This turn Im about 20inch away from the sea guard so Teclis' gets Becalmed. He tries for the big version of Dwellers on my Slann's unit but roles terrible (maybe 4 one's) and doesn't meet the casting value. Concentration broken magic is over and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Shooting sees another wound taken off the right salamander and the repeater bolt throwers put 4 wounds on my Steg (hes got 1 wound left). Archer shooting tries to finish off the steg but only kills one crew man.

Lizzies Turn 2

I declare a charge with my steg into his eagle who fails it's terror test and flees behind the sea guard, so my steg moves up a couple of inches gunning for that flank. Right sala ralies Saurus just move straight up towards the sea guard. Left sala enters a building opposite his archers. Cohort moves towards his sea guard. Two units of skirmishers move into short range of his bolt throwers and one unit moves in front of his right archers.

In the magic ohase I have 10 dice to 7. I start with a bubble Pha's protection and he lets it go. Next I IF Net of Amntok onto his sea guard unit to try and stop him moving backwards and limit Teclis' casting. The resulting miscast puts a wound on my Slann and priest (I wanted to save cupped hands for something worse)

I shoot my left salamander at the archers in the building but it falls short. The right skirmisher squads take out a bolt thrower.

High Elves Turn 3

Right archers charge skirmishers that are right in front of them. Eagle rallies. Sea guard try and reform but they fail their strength test. He only needed a 4 or less due to the special character in the unit. His other eagle flies up and parks itself in front of my Slann unit but he doesnt angle it well and I can overrun into the sea guard.

He gets 12 power dice and my dispell nice dont matter. He passes a strength test and dwellers my unit. I only lose about 4 saurus but the slann dies. He passes another strength test and gets up thrown of vines and passes another to make the sea guard +4 toughness. My priest also role 3 6's while channeling so suffered a miscast. He blew up and killed 5 nearby saurus spear warriors.

His shooting does nothing

Combat sees the skinks beaten and they break. He pursues but fails to cath the skinks. This is actually quite nice as this is the unit with his BSB so it pulls him away from the battle.

Lizzies turn 3

My saurus charge the eagle in front of them and easily make it. My other saurus declare a charge on the sea guard. They need an 8, i get a 3 so they shuffle forwards. Skirmisher unit rallys and turns to face the archers. The other two Skirmisher units surround the last bolt thrower. My salamander moves for a flank shot on the BSB archer unit while the left salamander stays in his building. Steg moves up to flank the sea gueard next turn.

Both my wizards are dead so i just dispell Thrown of vines.

In shooting my left salamander finally hits the archers in the building, kills four, they fail their panic and run off the board (HURRAH). The last bolt thrower also dies. My other sala eats the last of his handlers and is not stupid.

My saurus warriors mince the eagle and overrun 12inch into the sea guard but we have to wait to fight that on his next turn.

High Elves turn 4

In movement he charges the right skinks with his archers again. takes his eagle and parks it infront of my steg so an overrun will take him behind the sea guard, stalling him for another turn.

Magic he does what he wants and gets thrown and +4 toughness on the sea guard. He also tries a shield of thorns but i manage to dispell it.

No shooting

In combat he wins the role to decide who makes way first and puts teclis so that only one warrior is touching him after i moved my scar vet. To kill teclis I need to hit on 4's and wound on 6's. He has three wounds and i need to do it in one round or he just heals himself with lifebloom. I put the max attacks I can on Teclis but do nothing. I kill a few sea guard with my scar vet and the rest of the unit but his unit and characters reap a mighty toll of saurus. I'm barely stead fast and hold. I role to conmbat reform and get snake eyes and go 10 wide two deep. My Unit is toast next turn with no chance of steadfast so I figure I may as well get max attacks on Teclis no matter where he goes.

Lizzies Turn 4

I charge the eagle with my Steg (this is the one that already fled from the steg so no terror this time). I charge spear saurus into the sea guard but they role snake eyes so move up a bit. All my skinks surround the sea guard hope for flank and rear charges to up combat res. Right sala is stupid and left sala moves out of the building.

I dispell thrown of vines

no shooting

Combat sees me deal one wound to Teclis', not good enough unfortunately. I lose 10 saurus, break, get run down and the sea guard over run into the spear warriors. Steg kills eagle no problem and I reform to face the rear of the sea guard.

High Elf Turn 5

He moves his BSB out of the archer unit to behind my spear warriors, not sure why think he wanted to try and bounce them off the board if they ran but he couldnt catch them? the archers turn to shoot my right salamander.

Magic gets thrown of vines and flesh to stone so Im wounding on 6's again. oh and Teclis is back up to full wounds.

Combat he kills a few warriors, I fail to wound teclis but i kill a fair few sea guard, in the end i lose by 4. Role for my break test....... 6,2,2. I love cold blooded!!! 15 saurus left and I hold.

Lizzies turn 5

He mentions that his special character makes the unit stuburn so charging in skinks will just give him combat res against me... I charge noting in but move my Steg up to one inch behind his unit.
Skirmishers move around to shoot his exposed BSB

Magic i dispell Throne

Shooting I kill his BSB with blowpipe fire

After his ASF attacks Im down to >10 saurus so this combat is looking grim. I put all the attacks I can on Teclis 3 from the Champion 2 from the warrior next to him and 2 supporting attacks. 7 attacks need 4's to hit...5 hits, need 6's to wound..... 3 6's!!!! Teclis dies!!!! Hurrah but it it seems too little too late as my unit breaks and roles a 5 for flee distance. High elves go six and I lose the unit....

High elves turn 6

He reforms his sea guard and faces the stegadon. He reforms his archers to face the stupid salamander.

Magic.. Teclis is DEAD!!!

Shooting he fires everything he can at the steg but that ninja dinosaur only loses 3 crew, 1 remaining.

No combat but hes not worried of the steg destroying the unit, even if he flees my charge he wont go off the table edge and he promptly reminds me that there are no points for fleeing units.

Lizzie turn 6

The blood splattered stegadon and his lone rider issue a mighty roar and charge the sea guard. The enraged beast thundering towards the sea guard is a terrifying sight thet send them running to the four winds. But not fast enough the mighty beast gores and tramples the elves untill not one remains....

Thats right I declare a charge with the 1 wound, 1 crew member left stegadon. The sea guard fail their terror check and flee, he roles low for his flee distance, a 4, my steg was 7 inch away with a 6inch move and i promptly role an average 7. The steg caught the fleeing sea guard and wiped them out.

End of the game and he was 10 archers left. I have two salas three units of skinks and the heroic steg. We smile shook hands and pronounced it a great game. VICTORY FOR THE LIZARDMEN!!!

19-10-2012, 09:36
nice lizardmen army gotta love skinks. brave high elf player no specials with all core and using magic. great report :)

The Great Flaming Odin
19-10-2012, 16:56
Thanks for the comment jayg1357, yeah hes been out of warhammer for a while and is basically playing with everything he has. Ive offered to play smaller games and he can just count teclis as an arch mage or whatever but he likes bigger games which is fine by me!! He did pick up some pheonix guard right after this game and I know hes gunning for a rematch. Next time im going to go light on magic, maybe just a couple of priests with a blood statuette of spite and maybe the engine of the gods for the ranged ward!!