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12-10-2012, 07:54
Hi there,

I have been researching a lot the last few weeks on the various race specific forums and tactica threads here on warseer, but I am still struggling to decide...

My current army is Bretonnia for the last year, but I started to get jealous of the other players in my league who all have awesome heroes and really cool models (giant bat thing, hydra, etc.) I like the core troops of Bretonnia, and I think the fast cav playstyle is super fun, but I just want some variety and a chance to play something else.

More info~~
I am open to any army but, I was considering between empire, chaos dwarves and daemons of chaos, but I am not sure about empire. I do like the heroes in empire, but the other Bretonnian player in my group just started empire, so it feels awkward lol, plus I am not sure if I want to play another human good-guy race, even if I do like their heroes... but maybe I would if I thought it would be significantly more fun....)
I don't want to play elves ... (pansies :P!!! j/k :))
I would like cool female characters (I am a female myself, so I guess its cool to have female heroes, but then I guess this isn't something I 100% care about, it would just be cool).
I would prefer the army not be too weak (I am not very good at warhammer, I don't need to make it harder on myself)
I would love at least one awesome, big monstrous model xD

I think I need good lore, just anything that will make me think "wow that army is cool". For example Malus Darkblade made me think beastmen are pretty cool (lolol I think I have something against elves though :P) Luthor Huss and Swords of Vengeance made me interested in empire. I haven't read much else in the warhammer fantasy novel range yet.

Oh and I would prefer more than one way to play the army................

Warrior of Chaos
12-10-2012, 08:53
You could try Warriors of Chaos. Pretty straight forward playstyle, lots of big gribbly monsters, and they do have a female hero in the AB (Valkia the Bloody). I would suggest Dark Elves but you said no pansies....LOL.

12-10-2012, 09:24
Picking an army is mostly about you as a person I think. It's about what you identify with the most out of the available armies. Which trust me its important given how much time, passion and effort you invest into your army (not to mention the money). I personally find it important that the army play as advertised by the fluff.
After what I read from your post I would recomend the Dark Elves... but you don't want pansies. Still. Read their fluff look at their model range (which includes game altering powerful female characters). Short of them I could recommend daemons. they have the large monsters, the female characters, the complete versatility (little shooting but each army except Empire and Orcs has a big absence). Bretonnia has a tendency to get boring fast unless you are fully commited to the fluff. My two cents.

12-10-2012, 09:27
I was considering between empire, chaos dwarves and daemons of chaos, but I am not sure about empire.
Go for Empire. There is sufficient diversity in the army that allows for two players in the same group to have different takes on it.


12-10-2012, 09:31
Pick Vampire Counts.

Put your all-awesome Vampire Lady on a terrifying Coven Throne with handmaidens and whatnot, and let the mortals tremble before you.


12-10-2012, 09:45
What the Ville dude said. VC are quite forgiving, and you can go all Lamiah, plus there's lots of different troops and big toys.

12-10-2012, 10:07
Hehe yeah i think i am alternating between VC and empire now. I dont particularly like the lord models for VC but there are plenty of non-GW alternatives or possibilities for conversions. It will either be them, or empire with non-GC converted witchhunter female. I am planning to read some of the VC lore to decide. As for dark elves... I will look into them some more, while I liked reading Malus Darkblade, It didn't give me any particular reason to like Dark Elves, perhaps there is more to them, they seemed very one-dimensional though... The pansy thing was just a joke mostly :), I think they just don't interest me.

12-10-2012, 10:20
If ypou don't like GW's female vampires, check Reaper Miniature, they got a few cool ones.
Otherwise, you can play all goblins. That'll make you someone cool.

12-10-2012, 18:10
Her is a old quiz on witch army that fits you, http://quizfarm.com/quizzes/Warhammer+Fantasy/Niklascu/what-warhammer-fantsy-army-would-you-wield-best-not-obvius-all-armies/

12-10-2012, 18:15
Choose whatever you like painting most. You're going to be doing a lot of painting with a new army and nothing will kill your motivation quicker than having to paint stacks of troops you don't enjoy painting. Of the three armies you mentioned, Empire are the kings of adaptability, you can do virtually anything you want with them and still have fun. Chaos Dwarfs will cost an arm, a leg and several internal organs. Daemons are a pretty fun force with some interesting options. But if you want an army with good female characters, go Vampire Counts, use Lahmians for all your vampire models and find a quick way of painting bone (my method is AP's bone spray, flesh wash, heavy bone drybrush, light drybrush with white and details).

12-10-2012, 18:24
Lol cool quiz, i got vampire counts and bretonnia as my top tie-breaker at 90% lol, xD

Bingo the Fun Monkey
12-10-2012, 19:54
What about Ogres? Unlike Orcs, they have two sexes. They are extremely forgiving, have cool models, low model count and are utterly different from the Bretonnians. You could even have a female Ogress Tyrant!! With your mighty mitts you could pluck stringy elf heads off like petals off a flower. Now that's power! I think I just got inspired to do a diorama.... anyway, good luck with your army selection. Between Empire and VC, I would recommend figuring out which model or conversion you would use for your general in both armies. I would possibly even go out and convert/build and paint those models to determine which speaks to me more.

13-10-2012, 19:27
How eager are you to start your second army? "I gotta buy new models ASAP" or "In the next 6 months I'd like to start collecting". If you want to go immediately, then pick an army which has had its book released for 8th edition.

Is anyone in your area willing to play against a proxy army? If they are, proxy a few games with each army you're considering to see how they play.

We have fairly reliable rumours that Daemons are getting a new book this winter. So that army could change in unpredictable ways. Slaanesh is frequently popular with female players who'd like something with female-like characters. Currently the anti-leadership it can bring to bear, it's pretty strong too. If you can wait, to see how the cookie crumbles, you could have a fun to paint army. You've got some nice large models to consider with the new chariots that came out this summer.

Empire are freshly into a new book, so you're not likely to get any surprises until 9th edition lands. If you don't want to be like the other player, just wait a little while, and see what direction he takes his army. If the style you wanted isn't being done, go for it.

Chaos dwarfs is an interesting choice, and a nice departure, but you should try the chaos dwarf forum for advice. From what I know, the internal balance of the list isn't great. So constructing a strong army which you would also find fun, may prove challenging. Do your homework, and play some proxy games. Unusual armies can be really rewarding, so don't consider this discouraging, it's just best to be cautious when approaching army lists that might not be as well designed.

Good luck,


14-10-2012, 17:19
thanks for the advice, I like the idea that I should buy and paint the characters before I decide. I have decided to wait a while, I think what you said about seeing how the other player's empire army turns out is a good idea, plus it will give me time to wait and see how the daemons codex turns out as you said. :D

As for ogres, my one best friends plays them, I think they are awesome! but since I play him more than anyone else, it might get a bit dull if I play the same army as him. I love ogre chicks btw, especially the beards, would love an all female ogre army rofl.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
15-10-2012, 08:27
I love ogre chicks btw, especially the beards, would love an all female ogre army rofl.

More testosterone in a single unit from that army than all the kingdoms of Ulthuan!

Oh and Ogre on Ogre action is high impact fun. That's also one of the benefits of playing a savage army: you can fight anyone...especially your own kind! You don't need some Sigmarite schism or intrigue in the high halls of Naggarond. All you need is to wake up with this weird itch, caustic morning breath, and a hankerin' to smash some heads and show everyone who's boss.