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13-10-2012, 21:41
So I guess I'll start by saying: 'Hi there everybody!'

Now that's out of the way lets go to business.
I'm a very long time 40k player by now (started in 2nd at the at of 12), so 40k is basically something I've grown up with. I'm a student from Delft and I play with my gaming buddies in the Netherlands know as 'Team Aapie' (translation: team monkey). For the last 4-5 years I've basically been painting anything that I seemed to fancy, but now it's time to start focussing once again on building an army. I guess my main focus in this plog will be Dark Eldar, but I'll also post other Xenos (and some marines) things that will come by my paint brush. The Dark Eldar will be based on the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. Main reason is I really liked the extreme bright red tone on black and wanted to make the scheme my own.

Some past work (random things I'm proud of), just to wet the appetites.

Second off my test fig

I'll share some more in progress models tomorrow morning when I've got better light.

14-10-2012, 13:09
Jeeej. As promised, here are some updates

First off the 1st half of the unit that is finished (except for the head of the splinter cannon dude)

And some dudes that are still WIP

And a blood angel marine I quickly finished up as a distraction.

At the moment I'm planning to build a 750 pts list containing the following:
Succubus with venom blade
10 warriors in a raider
8 wyches in a raider
6 reavers with 2 heat lances
6 reavers with 2 heat lances

After that I'll look into expanding the army up towards 1750 points.

Any C&C is always welcome.


16-10-2012, 20:21
Great stuff! You have a gift for blending sir, the skink in particular is very nice. The Dark Eldar are also great, I'm doing a red scheme myself but its nowhere near as nice as yours!

Keep it coming!