View Full Version : black templar vowels for a gun line army help

14-10-2012, 11:37
Hi, i'm thinking of doing a black templar army, a fortress of redemption, filled with termies with cyclone missile launchers, but as i need to take a vowel, what one will be, best, so far the one that looks the best is the abhor the witch, destroy the witch, but as i'm reading it, i make the move towards the enemy, not the enemy takes the extra movement, so its stupid as im trying to stay still inside a building, the one where i get invul ruins my cover i'll be getting, and so it might have to be accept any challange no matter the odds, or suffer not the unclean clean one, the 2 most expensive ones, and are close combat orientated, which wont help my army much, so, but the other 2 from how i understand it will stuff my army up, so guys, which do you think will be better

14-10-2012, 11:54
I prefer e. I think e is a good vowel to use often. In fact, just typing this, I have used it several times.

Trolling aside, Accept Any Challenge has got to be my choice. Some would argue that Rage < Preferred Enemy, and that AAC got nerfed, but I'll still take it regardless.

15-10-2012, 00:35
You might want to consider taking suffer not the unclean to live; it's basically the 'best' vow these days, since rage is useless and abhor the witch just forces you to jump off buildings more.

Suffer is good since you're trying to stay out of combat anyway, and your termies/PF characters won't mind getting to be str 9 anyway.