View Full Version : So, how are you supposed to write a book report?

14-10-2012, 14:02
Hi guys

Im doing a university course at the moment as part of my employment, and I've been asked to do a book report.

THe problem is I'm 28, and I have never ever done a book report ever, especially not a university level one. I have been to my tutor for help and recieved the usual "look in the booklet" answer, which apparently tells me how to do it, except it doesn't. So Im kind of stuck.

Can anyone shed some light on how you're supposed to structure one of these things please?


14-10-2012, 21:13
Brief summary of content, genre and notable characters (1 paragraph max). Then give your impression of it - which parts you liked best, and why. Quote one or two good parts to support this. Do the same for any gaping flaws, if these need pointing out, which parts didn't ring true. Give your conclusion.


Easy E
15-10-2012, 12:48
How long does it have to be, and what is the course?

17-10-2012, 12:40
Basically your doing an essay of the book, or a review, basically. Just different words from it. Think back to English class in 'high school' (USA) or 'secondary school' (UK).