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14-10-2012, 16:05
So I got back into 40k last night, after a long hiatus from my beloved CSM who have followed me for three editions.

Suddenly it matters which kind of power weapon your models carry. Great, love it! Though... Many of my models carry axes. Is it just me or is the +1S and AP2 not useless?? I'd much rather have a power fist, even though it's more expensive! Or a power maul to strike faster! Granted, it was against Orks so the AP4 was plenty. Or even an AP3 power sword vs MEQ...

What do you think, how do you find the new power axes?

14-10-2012, 16:07
My main army can't really take power axes, but in theory they're pretty nice. Cheaper than the fist and you get an extra attack. The tradeoff being the fist strikes at a higher strength.

14-10-2012, 16:08
Axes are the new fists
It's ap2 so a TDA threat and you can get +1A from them.

Don't get me wrong PF still have there place but not on sergeants or line troops any more

14-10-2012, 16:10
Yeah, much cheaper than a fist and grants you +1 attack to boot...probably results in about the same number of wounds versus T4, and if you're taking enough of them the points difference is going to add up.

14-10-2012, 16:19
It's cheaper, you get +1 A and it looks much cooler.
With that said, I rarely use them except on model's who got the resilience to strike last.
My Nurgle Sorc has a Force Axe for instance, because he comes with a choose-able forceweapon by default, so he would have to pay 25 pts for -1 Attack but higher Strenght.
He is T5 and usually with 4 wounds, so he's not afraid of enemy fists.

On regular CSM champs i usually go with powerswords now, either because they got MoS/IoS and I don't want to waste their I5, or because they're got MoK/IoK and S5 (FC) AP3 is good enough for me.

14-10-2012, 20:20
yeah I stuck an axe on my sorcerer before the change in power weapons, but so far its worked out well. my Bezerker champ runs with one two just in case they run across some TDA, but honestly having Kharn, the Sorcerer and the Champ in the same squad pretty much makes mincemeat out of anything they come across lol

but in this edition 2+ saves should be dealt with at a distance unless you have no other alternatives (or an AP2 CCW that isn't unwieldy)

14-10-2012, 22:20
The power fist is still better overall, but power axes work well for certain models. Axes are good for 1 attack models, since they'll be allowed a bonus from carrying two weapons. However the initiative 1 just means you're just using a bad version of a fist on anything with more than one attack; so ICs, terminators, other good CC units with multiple attacks... power weapons in general are just weird to now though; I don't like the maul, or the lance or axe too much at all. Maybe I'm not used to it all yet...

My personal suggestion however would be to kit your sergeants or the like out with plasma/melta or combi weapons seeing as shooting + overwatch is much more reliable with standard MEQ units. If you have some CC specialists (with more than 1 attack), then I still prefer the fist

Nurgling Chieftain
15-10-2012, 00:11
Even for a two attack model with a pistol, the axe outperforms the 'fist against MEQ's. Not bad for -10 points.

Corvus Corone
15-10-2012, 00:18
It just seems to me that I'm paying ten points more to lose an attack most of the time, when it comes to the power fist vs the power axe on standard sergeants/ aspiring champions.

Freman Bloodglaive
15-10-2012, 00:22
Why axe me?

Basically because power axes are cheaper, and cut through terminator armour almost as well. Power fists are too expensive to go on your average sergeant so if you want to give him something, give him an axe (or sword, or maul).

The sword is obviously what you want for killing marine equivalents at initiative, but mauls can work quite well too. Going at initiative with +2 strength allows you to force more saves on terminators, or beat on armour with more attacks than your krak grenades, or instant death toughness 3 models (guard/swarms/etc).

They're actually pretty balanced against each other, so there isn't one that is clearly better at all times. They can all be good in certain situations.

15-10-2012, 01:00
Against T4:

2 attacks, 1 hit, .83 wounds

3 attacks, 1.5 hits, .99 wounds

Like it was mentioned above the axe will grant you an extra attack with a pistol. So it edges out the fist in wounds, but is weaker against targets above T4 or those where instant death would be useful. Maulers of course double up on fists so there is less incentive for them to use axes (unless they used fists last round and need AP2 again).