View Full Version : Cataphractii vs Regular Terminators?

16-10-2012, 19:45
essentially I was just wondering what the big differences are besides points? Are there different rules or what? :chrome: thanks in advance!

16-10-2012, 19:46
There is a difference between the two. The back story of slower but tougher should give you a hint but I can't give you the rules - sorry.

16-10-2012, 19:47
hmm ok but something along the lines of increased save (I'm guessing Invunerable lol) and slow & purposeful or something? I don't want a stat line or anything lol

16-10-2012, 19:50
Yes they are different. You are very much precise with your guesses.

No basic stats are changed just those 2 things you guessed.

16-10-2012, 19:58
awesome thanks, considering getting some of the models eventually for a heresy era expansion of my IW. Does anyone know how tall they are compared to a regular marine or terminator?

16-10-2012, 19:59
oops! found a pic lol