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17-10-2012, 17:33
Hey guys,
I was inspired to attempt to make a story driven campaign and I wanted to share with you what I've written. What I am attempting to do is allow any one with any army to play in my local group. What Im going to ask players to do is to write a army list with no special characters, but to come up with a name for their Warlord. Once they submit the list, the army can't be changed. Reason why is to add more story line, depending on how units perform they can gain powerful new items and or abilities.

What I am hoping from you guys is some feed back. Are my missions cool? Is one side given to big an advantage? Are my missions not well written? You know, the basic advice.

World Moracre is an Imperial World on the fringe of the Tau Emprie, in The Realm of Ultramar.

Prelude “Stirrings of War...”

“Guardsmen, Atten-Tion! General Victor, sir! Guardpost Alpha one-one all present and or accounted for, sir!” General Victor looked slowly from guardsman to guardsman. One man needed a shave... “Sergeant, your men are the night shift and it's midnight. So for a basic trooper that means its the middle of the day for you boys. So why does that man there, need a shave?” The sergeant shot the trooper a stern eye, “Trust me sir, it won't happen again.” “Very well Sergeant. All right lads, the tech priests will be here in the morning to work with the machine spirits to get the quad guns back to fire automated again. Till then, I need you to remain vigilant. Or need I remind you that we are the eyes and ears for the Caith military base. If you fail in this then the Forge world Konor can be attacked with Caith never even hearing about it!” With that and a stern look to give the men some backbone, he left. Time to visit the other outposts.

Mission type
I.G. And or all SM chapters (defender) vs anything (aggressor)

Fighting another SM or I.G. Army means this is a training mission. I.G. Can be traitor guard, but will be traitor guard for the rest of the campaign.

Scouting Party.
This mission will occur completely at night. Aggressors cannot field Heavies. Defender's heavy choices, and all deep striking forces (including those in Drop Pods) are held in reserve and can only come in on turn 2 on a roll of 4+, turn 3 on a roll of 3+, turn 4 they auto come in. First turn goes to the aggressor with no roll to steal initiative. Defender aside from any fortification he/she may already have bought, the defender must also place 3 other bunkers or bastions in his/her deployment area at least 12 inches apart.

Each one of these additional buildings is equipped with an emplaced quad gun. Inside is a squad of I.G. Guardsmen manning the Quad gun at BS3, and can fire 7 str 3 ap 6 lasrifle shots (rapidfire) range 24 and a Heavy Stubber 3 str 4 ap 5 TL shots. The guardsmen will not leave the building nor can you occupy these buildings, if the building is destroyed so are the men inside. This building cannot fire as the men inside are cowering, if General Victor gets within an inch of the building he puts some spirit into them and they start firing. At this point during the defender's shooting phase they will always fire at the nearest enemy in range, if two or more units are found to be within range, then randomly determine.

Defender designates a non-vehicle troop choice to be the General's Bodyguard while he makes his rounds. The general will be placed at least 6 inches away from a bastion or bunker and during defender's movement phase he will move 6 inches towards the nearest bunker he hasn't been to.

Defender deploys first.

Non-imperium forces.
Primary Objective
Get SPECOP team to scout enemy positions (must get to 3 objectives in the middle of “No Man's land” 12 inches apart and 6 inches away from a table edge.)
-The SPECOP team is a troop choice that the player designates as his SPECOP team, that unit gains the Fearless special rule.

Secondary Objective
Kill General Bryecnea Von Victor. (an I.G. General checking in on his defensive line)

Tertiary Objective
Destroy bunkers/bastions.

If all three objectives are completed, the defender may opt to retreat (get to the friendly table edge then pull the model.)

Imperium Forces
Primary Objective
Protect the bastions/bunkers.

Secondary Objective
Have a non-vehicle unit get within 12 inches of an enemy model and survive the battle.

Tertiary Objective
Designate a non-vehicle troop choice to escort General Bryecnea Von Victor as he makes his rounds to the defensive structures. This unit will be “joined” with the general but during their movement phase, they must travel with the general. They cannot run, the General isn't the man he used to be.

Mission Rewards
-If SPECOP team survives, that unit permanently gains the “Fearless” special rule.
-The unit that kills General Bryecnea Von Victor gains the Precise Shots special rule to all of its members (like a unit of snipers) if it already has that rule then it goes from a 6+ to a 5+ for scoring a precise shot.
-If both General Bryecnea Von Victor and the bodyguard unit survives, so impressed is he that he awards that unit with the “8th Army achievement medal”, which confers +1 Ld (to a max of 10) if the unit is already Ld 10 then that unit becomes fearless.
-Kill the enemy Warlord and your warlord survive, you get to steal a weapon/accessory and add it to your warlord's gear for free. (Remember Fluff limitations.)

Non-imperium army vs non-imperium army.

“Warboss Zoggin 'Ek of da Zog You Ladz is leadin dis 'ere WAAAGH(!), yous can follow or yous can die. Eh, Zog it, yous can die! WAAAGH(!)!”

Primary Objective
Slay the warlord.

Secondary Objective
Slay his friends too.

Tertiary Objective (for Orks)
Scream WAAAGH(!) when you declare the WAAAGH(!). Remember to spout, “Orks are da biggest and da greenest!” Remember to do it in an Orky voice.

Tertiary Objective (for CSMs/daemons/Dark Eldar)
“Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!” ect, ect. Mutations are a bonus!

Tertiary Objective (For Tau)
Mumble, “For the Greater Good” the entire time you are playing. If your opponent complains, ask him to surrender as it is for the greater good! Way of the water?

Tertiary Objective (for Nids)
Every time you kill an enemy unit, you must say, “Nom Nom Nom Nom”. When you lose a unit, just tell him “Don't worry... There's more.” Then smile. Cause there are more. I know it. You know it.

Tertiary Objective (For Necrons)
When you lose a unit, you must say, “We can rebuild him, we have the technology” You must also say “Steve Austin is my hero.”, also remember to look your opponent in the face and very seriously tell him, “Better... Stronger... Faster.”

Tertiary Objective (for Eldar)
When you lose a unit, you must say “Stop killing your friends.” When you kill an enemy unit, you must say, “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.” Then laugh at your own little joke as in reality your enemy is fighting his allies because you are Eldar and that's how you roll.

Mission rewards
-Kill the enemy Warlord and your warlord survive, you get to steal a weapon/accessory and add it to your warlord's gear for free. (Remember Fluff limitations.)
-If you complete your Tertiary Objective then everyone around you gets to look at you awkwardly and ask, “are you ok?” but for having the stones to do it, you get to add +1 Ld to one of your (non-vehicle) units (to a max of 10). If they already have Ld 10 then give them Fearless.