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17-10-2012, 23:34
The Butchers of Istvaan III


17-10-2012, 23:35
My Assembled angron, Ready for priming and painting, the pelt and plasma gun will be attached after painting, painted separately and then attached. Unfortunately there was the smallest of miscasts on the top of his iron halo-like armour, but was easily fixed with a pointed plastic bit. Have to say I'm completely enthralled by the detail, pose and character of this miniature.


And some Terrain, these are resin sprue from forgleworld, hacked and drilled into to look like war torn barricades. Have afair few of these, mostly as a decorative purpose for the army to come.

18-10-2012, 02:06
promising start mate! looking forward to more and what are those barricades made out off?!

18-10-2012, 03:17
[...]these are resin sprue from forgleworld, hacked and drilled into to look like war torn barricades.[...]

Excellent use of those, most ingenious! It looks surprisingly realistic, resembles concrete (or some 30K/40K equivalent) perfectly.

18-10-2012, 03:32
The only thing I do not like is the army list. It lacks of units. Even though terminators are though ones they can be outnumbered and slaughtered.

I got about 30 normal marines as troops.
8 rampagers with jumppacks
Shabran Darr
5 Heavy support guys
5 terminators
5 Command squad guys.

That is my infantry.

But prove me wrong :) Play some games.

Also super nice units are Jetbikes. They deal some serious damage combined with speed.

I had the same idea with my resin blocks for a game board I am constructing.

18-10-2012, 09:44
Great use of the spare offcuts of resin. I may have to start saving my blocks to do just the same.

Not a bad army list but you have no transports to get them across the board safely.

Looking forward to seeing some paint!

18-10-2012, 10:48
Transports för terminators are a bit pricey to fit in. He needs a spartan for the 10 man group. That alone is as much as a good equipped squad of 6.

To afford transports he would need to exchange some units for others.

I am looking forward to Angron. My Angron is nearly done. He will be the starter for my entire army of 3500pts.

18-10-2012, 13:23
Look forward to watching this.

19-10-2012, 23:26
Thanks for the comments guys, as said in my second post the barricades are indeed forgeworld sprue, seems like a waste of neatly made reason, and has similar qualities to other barricades, just needs some drilling and cutting; and when painting the appropriate weathering.

I've made a change to the army list (though I don't want the log to turn into a an armylist thread, that what the army list forum is for ;) ), initially I had the plan to use the Pride of the Legion "Rite of War" but that seems more of a Sons of Horus Trait imo. So after much tweaking I've changed it to an Orbital Assault, favoured by the World eaters to drop all the the blood warmongering lunatics straight in the thick of it.

Dropped all the termies from the list, again seems like something the world eaters would try and avoid using.

I've increased the size of my Rampager Squad. Dropped the chaplain and now the troop selection consist of two ten man Legion Tactical Squads armed with one chain axe and one chain sword (bitey). The praetor is now in artificer armour, and I've added a 7 man squad of tactical support marines with plasma guns, these are actually the "excess" models left over from making the Legion Tactical squad, though I'll explain later on in the log.

Oh and Updates soon, working on bases for when my marines arrive and most importantly.. funding :p

20-10-2012, 00:33
I never thought to use the resin blocks for terrain. Excellent idea.

21-10-2012, 23:20
Well Angron had 12 termnators called the Devourers so one big unit would serve as them fluff wise. They dont need any transport as well since they gain the deepstrike rule from orbital assault rite.

Though be certain of the knockbacks from all traits. I dont like the traits at all myself.

I am looking forward to seeing some paint ^^ Loving these plogs from fellow Pre heresy world eater fans :P

02-11-2012, 21:31
cheers guys. Fizzy you are right, Angron did indeed have 12 Terminators called the Devourers, and I'm thinking i may follow an apocalypse style army.... Just Angron, the Devourers and units of Rampagers.

Anyway, something rather important, the first time i paint a miniature for about 3-4 years so decided to jump right in and start painting Angron, still wip and want to take some pics tomorrow with my girlfriends camera, i feel my camera is reaching the end of it's days.




02-11-2012, 21:37

I think i'm in love.

02-11-2012, 21:40
My angron is finished look him up in my thread below for inspiration :) Nice start!

03-11-2012, 20:51
@Spider -pope, you're too kind, thank you.

@Fizzy thanks mate, your Angron has turned out pretty awesome, very distinctive, and as from what I've read on your log, exactly what you set out to do, I'm trying to go down a kind of Blanche route, using very dark colours reds and strong gold.

Got some much nicer pics, The armour is pretty much done, face completely done and now just need to add some better gore/ blood by applying some thin layers of acrylic ink, makes it look glossy sticky and gory.


03-11-2012, 22:11
really great work in progress fella, Angron will be spectacular when you finish him, of that i am sure.

04-11-2012, 00:50
Yeah I will have dirty look on all my world eaters. I will start out with a black primer to get a shadowy white.

A tip would be to wash the blood with a mix of red wash and add some kind of black ink into that red wash :)

Hoping too see this blog grow big.

I am still waiting for the World eaters dreadnought so I can finish my 3600pts army then get to paint it all ^^

05-11-2012, 23:55
@Petay 1985, thanks, I'm being very slow on his paintjob, but I do think a model like Angron deserves taht kind of attention, centre piece and Primarch!

@Fizzy, the black worked great mate, gives it more sickly look, just a drop or two of nuln oil mixed in the acrylic ink was great. Same about the dred, it looks awesome and really want to make mine with some sort of exotic chainblade.

Now Angron update, he's getting there, needs some touches of silver throughout the armour, not too much, some highlights to the skulls, some retouches here and there and then of course finishing the base, however other than the marines the base will stay very dark, almost scorched (life eater virus bombing). also have a pot of forgeworld rust for the scarps of metal on the base.

anyway... Angron.


06-11-2012, 00:54
A black background and some afternoon daylight will get you better pictures. The white makes the light bounce around a lot and makes Angron very bright.

My better half taught me that since she studies photography.

In ways of painting it starts to look awesome. Gorechild and Gorefather looks perfect in blood and gore. I would not want to see World eaters chainaxe clean.

06-11-2012, 10:56
I'm with Fizzy, it looks like your paintjob deserves better pictures!