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19-10-2012, 00:42
“and furthermore I believe the Old Ones must be destroyed!” Cation concluded and sat down. It was Octios’s turn to address the triarch.

“thank you phaeron Cation, but your catchphrase has passed beyond the vogue and is approaching the point of absurdity. I suggest you find another before the soles on that one wear out.”
The past, the present, maybe even the future all intertwined in the digitized mind of Nemsor Octios as he drifted in the upper atmosphere of the planet the meat-bags called Hispania. Above him the wreckage of his fleet, his home for millions of years, all that he had, drifted lifelessly. As far as he knew he was the only survivor, and he might not be that way for long. He was entering the planet’s atmosphere, and even his necrodermis might not save him from re-entry. His cybernetic senses detected the plasma sheath forming around him as he took one last look at the wreckage of his tomb ship before shutting down and making his body limp to prepare for impact.

Alright time to get this project log started. here's how it's going to go: this log will likely be unlike anything you've seen before, because there will actually be a storyline to this blog. content updates will have fluff to go along with them, like the above. expect fluff updates in the morning and content updates at night.

right now I've got some WIP of my basic warriors, the Hastati:

if you're wondering why they are missing the top of their skulls right now it's because I'm waiting for some roman minis from Wargames factory to get some helmets and shields from. anyways the green stuff on the other hastati is almost cured so I need to go sculpt their shoulder armor now. please tell me what you think so far, I look forward to hearing from you.

19-10-2012, 13:28
alright, I've got what I think is the final model for my overlord
it's based on a statue of the Emperor Augustus, the Augustus of Prima Prota:

I've also got a Flayed One Gladiator done, but it won't let me post the picture. I don't know why. I'll try and figure this out. in the meantime tell me what you think about the overlord model.

EDIT: Ok I need to rant for a moment. I was looking up the four types of roman line infantry and what do I find: a bunch of $#%@ skinheads. it really grinds my gears when people compare the Romans to the nazis, because at their core they were based on two opposite concepts. Rome and all great civilizations are based on the idea of inclusion. they said: "come be a part of this great thing that is Rome." on the other hand the nazis were based on exclusion. they said: "we want to exterminate anyone who doesn't look like us." I don't see why people can't get it in their thick heads that they were polar opposites. whats worse is that after I Googled Triarii I keep getting ads for a #@%$ skinhead band. let me say this for the record: DO NOT WANT! /endrant thanks for taking the time to listen to me fume, I really needed to get that off my chest.

19-10-2012, 22:39
An interesting idea, will be good to see how your necrons come out once you have the appropriate warlord games bits in place!

As for the rant don't let it get to you, groups / factions / nations have been trying to align themselves with the image of Rome for centuries. The symbol of power and authority associated with the concept of the Roman Empire is hard to shake from the Western mindset and an attractive image for those trying to legitimize themselves. Even the popular "modern" romanticized vision of Rome is hardly accurate- to say it was a culture of "come be a part of this great thing that is Rome" doesn't quite apply when you consider the extermination of the celtic druids or the fear and loathing that was displayed towards dominant cultures different and thought as threatening to Rome (Carthage through the Punic wars, Egypt towards the end of the 1st c. BCE, Parthia and the Sassanids in the late empire etc). Not to mention the perceived elevated status of citizens above the rest of the inhabitants of the republic (the social war being an indicator of the "second class citizen" status the other Italic states received) or Empire (serving a lifetime in Rome's armies as an auxiliary won you the prize of citizenship and equality with "true" Romans).

I've started my own rant now! Do forgive me, I shall look forward to seeing your progress :-)