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20-10-2012, 10:37
I have stumbled upon a problem at my FLGS and it is causing me to wonder how to continue.

I am currently playing in a Several month long escalation league starting at 500 and growing by 250 all the way to 3k. When we began the tourny everyone was given strict guidelines to follow.
Must be WYSIWYG and each army must be a 3 color minimum.
This was given before the tourny and I asked the organizer how strict was the 3 color minimum rule since I had 2 friends who were new to the game and would like to join. His answer was that the rule is not that strict Prime it and add 2 lines of color and its good was his answer. Even though that was his answer both of my friends decided to not participate since they wanted to make their armies look good not like crap.

Fast forward to the 1st round of the tourny and one of my 2 opponents for the week is using a HEAVILY converted army with less than 50% of the models even having 3 colors of paint, the rest are just primer black. On top of that his army is not WYSIWYG in the slightest (a Chain Axe for a Power sword even)
This really bugged me at the start of the match but I am a newer player at this FLGS so I did not raise a mess about it with him. I ended up loosing the match due to nothing more than the game ending quickly and some bad reserve rolls.

The problem I have is should I raise an issue with the tournament organizer since he straight up told me that my friends would not be allowed to do what someone else was clearly allowed to do? Will the other players think I am just trying to get my Loss removed and thus just hurt my barely built friendships I am forming there?
Any advice is appreciated.

The Orange
20-10-2012, 13:52
I would say there's not much you can do. Your friends pulled out, that was their decision. As for your opponent you can ask the organizer to talk to them about following the rules but anyway you cut it, it's going to cause problems.

20-10-2012, 14:29
Bring 2 cans of extra paint and spray their army if they are missing a colour quota.

This will endear your opposition and let them know you mean business.

20-10-2012, 15:26
honestly painting a miniature somewhat decent takes less like half an hour (and less if you do the assembly line), just spray base them spray a coat of a colour wash in that colour pick out the eyes and the weapon. you new have three colours and it'll look pretty decent. if you want to go a little further give it one final wash with black wash(or brown depending if you want it to look clean or dirty).

as for your opponent, we have a saying in sweden, 'mind your own business' (as a part of the Jante concept). its not as aggressive as it sounds in english its more take care of your own problems and let other take care if theirs.

20-10-2012, 23:16
Just do the same thing with your friends on the side?

Do they have to be a part of this league to be interested?

A three man league is not bad either to be honest, more would probably and besides, you have the first months quota already painted :D

21-10-2012, 03:49
The problem I have is should I raise an issue with the tournament organizer since he straight up told me that my friends would not be allowed to do what someone else was clearly allowed to do?
Any advice is appreciated.

"Prime it and add 2 lines of color and its good" is not telling your friends they couldn't take part.

Anyway, my experience of campaigns and tournaments is that you rapidly get drop-off if you stick too hard to rules that prevent people from using their collection and the number of different hues on a model is often going to be the biggest stumbling block, right behind it is the one where every model is 100% faithful to it's listed equipment.
So on this front I'd suggest not sweating it too much, there's no real way you can object or raise it as an issue without getting people's backs up, so ride with it and lead by example.

On the issue of WYSIWYG. It's more of a sticking point than paint in my view. With the relative virtues of different weapons being dependant on the opponent faced. Would it have been more advantageous for the model in question to be armed with a Sword than a Mace or Axe? As you said you didn't raise the issue then, but it might be worth asking for a clarification on whether this kind of thing is allowed in the tournament.

The two examples I trolley out of WYSYWYG being a bad thing are the Tournament when a friend lost points for having a single Ork boy in a mob of 20-30 not carrying Stikkbombs when the unit had them.
The same player caused an opponent to lose points in a tournament because he had modelled an effect for disruption fields on a Scarab swarm and his opponent, also a Necron player, had no such representation. Had neither of them had an effect on the Scarabs no points would have been deducted.

The example for WYSIWYG being a force for good are those times when "This flamer is a plasmagun, this flamer is a lascannon, this flamer is a bolter, and this bolter is a flamer". it's confusing and requires you to remember intricate matters of squad armament when you should be able to glance at a unit and tell what it has.

Lately I've been proxying Steel Legion Missile Launcher guys as sniper rifles, they are on the 25mm bases and they are the only time the model occurs in my army, I make a point of letting my opponent know beforehand and, as yet nobody has an issue with it (Sniper Vets aren't the most devastating model in the game, which probably helps) as it clearly marks out a special weapon within a unit and it doesn't clash with the same model or piece of equipment being used as something else somewhere else in the army, it'll do until I can work out exactly how to convert up a handful of Snipers (probably using the Missile Launcher guy as a basis, actually).

21-10-2012, 04:47
Yeah I've noticed that the moment anyone says a tournament is gonna require painted or "wysiwyg" models, people tend to get turned off. Many of the gamers I know start complaining and saying they wont want to/be able to play, and the idea gets trashed. These are mostly the people who pretty much never have painted models, and are always proxying one thing or another. It does bug a little me since I almost never proxy, and my entire army is painted, but I also understand. Its tough for some armies to get the bitz they need, and some people don't have the time or the skill to fully paint an army, so it's best left alone... I mean who really cares right?

21-10-2012, 16:32
I could live with the painting because not every one can devote time to paint, especially in things like an escalation league.

The proxying would bug me, especially if it was playing with opponents that you don't regularly play against. Really though it depends on the player. If my opponent sets up and says "this is this, this is this and this is this" then gets grumpy with me when I say "hold on a minute, what's that guy got again?" then it's not the sort of gamer I'd generally allow to proxy.

If on the other hand they say "Oh wait, are you sure you want to charge that unit with those grey hunters? Remember I have two power swords in that unit and strike at I5" then I will let them proxy all they want.