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20-10-2012, 21:23
Hello all!

I am thinking of doing a 1000 point Empire army and was looking at something like the following. Not used Empire ever, so any and all input is welcomed!

Arch Lector: Armour meteoric Iron, great weapon and Ironcurse Icon

Captain of the Empire: Full plate, shield, BSB with banner of eternal flame

Master Engineer

29 swordsmen with standard and musician

29 Halberdiers with standard



This comes to 995 points.

A couple of questions

Are swordsmen worth the extra points?
Is it better to have a full command?
And is this list do able with just two main combat blocks and only the Hellblasters as for power?

Please feel free to tear it apart

Thanks on advance!

A Shadow
26-10-2012, 02:36
Champions are a good way to keep your important characters out of challenges they won't win. My biggest concern would be that you have 2 blocks and 2 war machines (prone to self destruct). In defensive scenarios you might be ok, if you need to attack there will be difficulties

26-10-2012, 04:28
Empire units do not do well without buffs or aid from detachments. You have no detachments, and only have your general in 1 unit. If I was planning to fight your army, I would do the following.

Send fast things to deal with the war machines, cast spells at the war machines, and shoot the war machines. Once they inevitability die, send troops at whichever unit does not have the arch-lector in it and defeat it easily since it it filled with unbuffed chump humans. With that done it is simply a matter of charging your leftover unit from 3+ sides. Now this is not to say the list is "bad" but rather just a poor all-comers list. If your opponent doesn't have the speed or shooting to take out those hellblasters, you win. If he has anything fast enough to reach you by turn 2 and you haven't been able to shoot it to death, you've got serious problems.

My advice would to lose 1 Hellblaster and the engineer. Shrink the units down to like 25 guys and buy them some detachments. Use the engineer points to get the other unit a warrior priest. Don't bother with the banner of eternal flame. Get the captain an enchanted shield. He'd serve the unit much better by living. Eternal flame banner is MUCH better on either a unit of things that can shoot, or on knights that are fast enough to get to where they need to be. having it on foot sloggers is questionable and neither of those units are a match for any sort of regenerating monster anyway.

You don't always need full command, but I probably would take banners. Champions you can leave out.

Swordsmen are the empire's most defensive unit on foot. With a 5+ armor save and 6+ parry save as well as weaponskill 4 to turn enemy attacks away, they are great for holding the line. However, you need something for them to hold the line FOR, as they will rarely win combats by much as their damage output is not impressive. Get a detachment of halberds in the flank of the enemy though, and things will start to tip in your favor.

Lord Solar Plexus
26-10-2012, 06:43
The list isn't so bad at all. Of course you *could* get flanked on three sides but that assumes a) your opponent even has that many units, which, depending on his faction, can be a real stretch, especially @1k, b) the units aren't completely messed up by your shooting, c) you allowed him to concentrate on one unit at a time or were outplayed to this extent. All of this can happen but some things are either inevitable (meeting a better player) or difficult to address by changing the list (e.g. having less units).

It's true that humans are pretty bottom of the foodchain when it comes to combat but a lot of really dangeorus opponents - White Lions, WoC, Ogres - will cringe at two HB's and often not arrive at full strength. If you are inclined to drop one WM, I also recommend a combat detachment of say, 15 Halberdiers for one block and a small unit of archers for diversion purposes.

Let's also not forget that you have three prayers, which is probably more than many an army can muster at this point level, even though you don't have a magic level, so you're not going out completely unbuffed. The Swordsmen in bus with the BSB can get Ld 9 re-rollable Hold the Line, which makes them a very decent anvil and quite worth the points. Of course what I said about numbers above goes both ways - with two units, you will not outnumber many opponents either, so combo-charging and helping out the anvil can be quite difficult.

It's naturally better to have full command than partial command but when you ask whether it is necessary, the answer is no. Useful, but not essential, unless you meet a lot of fighter Lords, in which case champions are invaluable.

I'd also drop the BotEF, take the enchanted shield and then invest the points into more bodies if you can. If you don't change anything, give your Captain a pistol, a magic sword, or the ItP potion.