View Full Version : Return and revamp - High Elves - 2000 points

21-10-2012, 01:06
So I've been away from Warhammer for a couple of months now and I fancied getting back into it and having a few games. My slump really came from painting (so much scale mail) but I've dug the army out, fortified my resolve and pressed on. My list has evolved quite a lot since I took up the High Elves a couple of years ago and I decided to go back and have a look at the list again and make some more changes to try to improve things...

Lords/Heroes -

Archmage + extra level and Silver Wand

BSB + great weapon, dragon armour, Ironcurse Icon and Radient Gem of Hoeth

These are pretty much my two staple characters. The Archmage build I've found is really solid and ensures that I pretty much get what spells I want from whatever lore I choose (usualy Shadow). The BSB is a real Jack of All Trades. He's both the BSB and a back up Mage. I usualy run him with High Magic usualy opting for Shield of Saphery rather than going for anything else. I've found these guys to be an effective team and haven't messed aound with them much, my only change was to add Ironcurse Icon to the BSB to give him and the unit he joins a bit of protection from Warmachines

Core -

20 Seaguard + FC, shields and Banner of Eternal Flame

10 Archers + musicain

10 Archers + musician

My core is completely unchanged as it is yet to let me down. The Seaguard are a good bunker for the Archmage and I usualy run them 7 wide and 3 deep. They work pretty well as a back up unit that supports my main combat blocks. I've found them to be a decent, flexible unit that can suddenly get really nasty when combined with supporting Shadow magic. The Archers form useful chaff units and contribute to the shooting my army can put out.

Special -

21 Phoenix Guard + FC and Banner of Sorcery

20 Swordmasters + FC

5 Ellyrion Reavers + bows and musician

Lion Chariot

The biggest changes to my list are in the special choices. I decided to do away with my dual Lion Chariot build as I felt it was becomming a bit of a crutch. My plan usualy revolved around getting off a debuff spell on an enemy unit and then dual charging with my chariots (2D6 strength 5 impact hits followed by 4 strength 6 attacks and then another 8 strength 5 attacks) which would make a huge mess. I decided to drop a Chariot and go for a big unit of Phoenix Guard. The BSB goes in the Swordmasters who won't have such a big target painted on them now I've moved the Banner of Sorcery to another unit. I've added in the Ellyrion Reavers as they've done quite well in the past couple of games I've trialed them in

Rare -

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle

I decided to drop the RBT's as they just weren't reliable enough for me. They never seriously threatened any monsters my opponant took and gave a very poor return for the points I invested in them. The bright side was they usualy lived to the end of the game if only for the fact that my opponant was busy trying to kill the more scary stuff my army had to offer. I've replaced the Bolt Throwers with another Eagle and put the rest of the points into my Special choices

I'm interested to see how the changes I've made to the army work out. By removing the Bolt Throwers I've significantly reduced the ranged threat my army projects (even if it's imagined) which means I'll probably need to be more agressive against lists that have the option to hang back and shoot. If I have to attack my opponant I'll probably lead with the Chariot and Phoenix Guard hoping that they can absorb the damage that would otherwise go onto my Swordmasters. The Reavers and Giant Eagles would go hell for leather at my opponants warmachines to try to tie them up or at least draw off some missile fire. The Swordmasters and Seaguard would need to support the Phoenix Guard and exploit the situation once they were close enough to my opponants battle line.

On the defencive the army would form up around the two main combat blocks (Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard). The Seaguard would deploy in two ranks to add to the missile fire my army can generate. The Eagles and Reavers would aim to slow down or redirect some of my opponants units while the Lion Chariot would be held in reserve and thrown in to support my main blocks.

I've also designed the list so I can tweak a few things and bring back the dual Lion Chariots if this particular build needs a bit more hitting power. I like the idea of having another combat block (the Phoenix Guard) and I'm looking forward to seeing how dropping my Bolt Throwers will impact on the list.