View Full Version : daemonic flying circus - the dilemma - and the aftermath (eventually)

21-10-2012, 03:10
So yes, this is my second dilemma (after dark eldar, which pretty much already fixed thanks to latest faqs). Couple of days ago, I face this kind of crazy daemonic flying circus (3 minimum non upgrade plague bearers, bloodthirster with daemon flight only, 2 daemon prince w. d.flight, boon of mutation and breath of chaos, daemon prince w. d.flight and daemonic gaze and the most important thing... FATEWEAVER) . So yes I play a revise list of dark eldar with gunboats (raider with splinter racks, nightshield, flickerfield). and yes i have a flyer (just one) Turn out it's pretty disaster with this list, I don't think I can even win against flying circus even with venom spam list, as pretty much fate weaver can save them all anyway. I was like shooting 100 bullets on single target which at best wound them on 3 (and no I do not focus on fateweaver, after 1 round of shootings, wasted enough bullets). in The end, the only survivor is the flyer (for obvious reasons, he can't take them out even with vector strike of S5).
Of course, in the end... once a new daemon codex is out, I don't think this list would even be viable, hence the creator of the list either he stuff them back in the cabinet or sell them out to someone else or even rarer repaint them to other army (which in my experience, this tend to all powergamers... had seen it before 4th ed grey knights with 3 landraiders suddenly got pounded with expensive troops it's impossible to bring 3 Landraiders, he decided to repaint to space wolves :p before his GK, he has tau army which is dominating in 4th but sucks in 5th, sells them too)

21-10-2012, 03:29
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