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21-10-2012, 14:25
So yes, this is my second dilemma (after dark eldar, which pretty much already fixed thanks to latest faqs). Couple of days ago, I face this kind of crazy daemonic flying circus (3 minimum non upgrade plague bearers, bloodthirster with daemon flight only, 2 daemon prince w. d.flight, boon of mutation and breath of chaos, daemon prince w. d.flight and daemonic gaze and the most important thing... FATEWEAVER) . So yes I play a revise list of dark eldar with gunboats (raider with splinter racks, nightshield, flickerfield). and yes i have a flyer (just one) Turn out it's pretty disaster with this list, I don't think I can even win against flying circus even with venom spam list, as pretty much fate weaver can save them all anyway. I was like shooting 100 bullets on single target which at best wound them on 3 (and no I do not focus on fateweaver, after 1 round of shootings, wasted enough bullets). in The end, the only survivor is the flyer (for obvious reasons, he can't take them out even with vector strike of S5).
Of course, in the end... once a new daemon codex is out, I don't think this list would even be viable, hence the creator of the list either he stuff them back in the cabinet or sell them out to someone else or even rarer repaint them to other army (which in my experience, this tend to all powergamers... had seen it before 4th ed grey knights with 3 landraiders suddenly got pounded with expensive troops it's impossible to bring 3 Landraiders, he decided to repaint to space wolves before his GK, he has tau army which is dominating in 4th but sucks in 5th, sells them too)

21-10-2012, 15:38
Unfortunately, this is the major problem with 6th ed as it stands. Flier saturation will win games initially, but when new army books start coming out we will start seeing more effective anti-air options coming out (hopefully more than C:CSM has provided). Until then, you might just have to accept that this guy's daemon army could be king of the hill for now. When this guy gets bored because nobody will play him, he'll have to tone down his list for more casual play and have his Fateweaver flying circus as the army to beat. He needn't sell it.

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21-10-2012, 17:36
I don't really understand how a flying bloodthirster is that much more agile and maneuverable (only hit on 6's) than a Vyper Jetbike (5+ cover save)

21-10-2012, 17:46
I don't really understand how a flying bloodthirster is that much more agile and maneuverable (only hit on 6's) than a Vyper Jetbike (5+ cover save)

The theory is not that it's any more agile (it's clearly not, as a flyer can't turn as well by any means), but that it's moving at very high speeds a long way above the battlefield. That would make indeed make it harder to hit.

However, that would only work if it wasn't for the following:
> 18", as the minimum flying speed, is apparently achievable by a fricking APC with a big engine (Blood Angels). Therefore it really can't be going that fast.
> The height thing would work - if it wasn't for stuff like Vector Strike, which clearly indicates the monster is physically smacking the target. So, you know, arm's length away at that stage (which would be very impressive flying if they were indeed moving near-sonic speeds (like the Supersonic jet-fighters clearly do!)).

Flyers make no sense in this scale of battles. Tis life.

21-10-2012, 22:36
I don't really understand how a flying bloodthirster is that much more agile and maneuverable (only hit on 6's) than a Vyper Jetbike (5+ cover save)

Rules balance. Rules balance everywhere!


21-10-2012, 23:52
fateweaver is the one that is (almost) impossible to be defeat, having 6 to hit, re-roll saves (yes eventually I manage to brought this guy to ground, but he save that grounded test damage too :( ). I have like all shooting focus to him in one turn (on the 1st turn), pretty much all wasted, if I have to count it will be like 10 blaster/darklance shot, 2 heat lances, 66 poison shots to him. He take around 15 wounds that he manage to save them all (I shot everything one by one starting from dark lances, due that I want to put this dude on the ground so no snap shot for my mass poison weapons)

22-10-2012, 01:35
Kill troops win on objectives, buy a quad gun, I've played against similar lists and its not a lot if fun but if you play to the mission you can win.

It's also a list that is full of randomness and fraught with risk for the user, my friend took a similar list (fate crusher) to a tournament and lost fateweaver to a grounding test, 1 wound, failed leadership. He also lost 8 crushers to a mishap. You also have to roll for preferred wave and reserves, it really is a total hit or
Miss sort of army. Not to mention that there aren't even any Flamers or a screamers in that list, dude those are the real gross units.

Seriously play to the mission and you'll do fine, DE have the easiest time versus this type of list as well.