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21-10-2012, 20:02
Just wondering, there are a few Imperial Guard Units wich had 'names', such as the Gaunt's Ghosts, or Schaeffer's Last Chancers.
Is there still any use in an Imperial Guard army?
I've got a box of Steel Legion here, and Might want to make a small army out of them, and I also have a blister of Tanith (3) here. I'd like to add them to the army, so that's why I was wondering if those units still have any use (or as count-as). I also love the Schaeffer's LC's models.

21-10-2012, 20:13
I think the best counts-as use you could get out of them would be as Veteran units or as Company Command Squads, since they can take a wide enough variety of gear to cover most of those models and, e.g., to represent the Tanith models you can take Cameleoline cloaks and such. The only other way to use them would be to disperse them throughout the army and use them based on their weapons (or for the odd models, as Sergeants or Platoon Commanders), with Shaeffer being a Company Commander and Gaunt being a Lord Commissar.

21-10-2012, 20:15
hmm, I was thinking about the spreading. But I've already got the Steel Legion Commisar (wich'll match better).
But using Schaeffer as a Comp Commander sounds great, I also LOVE the model! :D

21-10-2012, 22:26
I would like to see and army of the "Lucky 13"

21-10-2012, 23:45
Yeah, all IG are the same thing now, so no Last Chancers and no Tanith.
The only other option I could suggest as a long time Steel Legion player is use those odd models to represent an Ash Wastes Militia.
Use whatever rules you think suit best, but I quite like the idea of representing a Militia with a blobbed Infantry platoon bulked out with a few Special Weapon support Squads lead by a counts-as Al'Rahem. Outflanking irregulars? Yes please!

22-10-2012, 04:22
Gaunt is a Commissar Lord with Camo Cloak. Tanith are Veterans with the Forward Sentries Doctrine, or given the Tanith, maybe a sniper Special weapon squad attached to a platoon. Schaffer is mentioned in the Penal Legion entry, but he may work better as a Company Commander, or as a counts as- Bastonne upgrade to a Veteran Squad as his Last Chancers. As per The Last Ditch, Cain would be a Lord Commissar. Macharius works just fine in place of Creed.

22-10-2012, 08:32
I don't think the full Last Chancers squad is useable as-is; a Senior Officer leading a 12-man squad with a sniper rifle, meltagun, missile launcher team and a single model wieldig a heavy bolter.
I'm planning on digging out the full rules for them from WD 240 and using them like that in special scenarios.

Maarten K
22-10-2012, 09:14
Last Chancers in the current dex:
lord commisar (Shaeffer),
veteran squad with:
harker (ox)
missile luncher team, meltagun, sniper rifle, democharge
+1 other HQ choice: primaris psyker (with biomancy as Shiv?) , priest (could be Hero)

22-10-2012, 09:38
Not sure about Shiv as a biomancer.

Lieutenant Kage did turn out to be a psyker in the third novel, so adding a Primaris Psyker with Divination might be appropriate