View Full Version : Need help choosing a knightly order for my army

23-10-2012, 22:30
Hi everyone, after a super long time away from Wargaming due to a rather special situation in Montreal involving students and the gouverment, I've dusted off my Talabecland Army and restarted painting more oftenly. I wanted to include a unit of Knights and since I'm being close to the fluff as possible, I was wondering what knightly order is mostly present in Talabecland since I'd like to have a unit along with a Grand Master. I have a Reiksguard unit which I'm going to built up along with Kurt Helborg (such a beautiful model) but I'd rather field in larger or thematic games since I doubt that Karl Franz would dispatch the Reiksguard on a whim.

24-10-2012, 00:32
The Knightly orders in Talabheim (Terror in Talabheim WHFRP2) are Knights of the White Wolf, Knights Panther, Knights of the Stag. There is also Knights of the Verdant Field, an offshoot of Knights of the Blazing Sun, but they do not have the numbers to take to the field only enough to defend the temple of Myrmidia in Talabheim.

24-10-2012, 02:56
I actually invented a knightly order for my empire army which is from Ostermark