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25-10-2012, 11:34
Hi Guys, next year myself and my other half are going to be heading to the doubles tournament at Warhammer World. She plays Lizardmen and I use High Elves so we figured this would be a pretty decent team. The idea of the list below is that the High Elves will aim to dominate the magic phase with Arch Mage dishing out damage with the few burn spells in Lore of Light whilst augmenting the Lizardmen to WS10 I10. The Lizardmen's job is to pound the other combatants with the Scary Old-Blood, the Saurus and the Stegadon. In terms of scenarios, the Sword Masters are there to hold towers dishing out 21 S5 WS6 attacks. The Blood and Glory scenario is covered by the fact we have a breaking point of 9 (Possibly 8 depending on whether you get 2 for 2 1000 point armies, I cannot remember) Also we have a fairly decent shooting phase with the Reaver Bow, Archers, Skinkies and Stegadon.

Let me know your thoughts guys, we are looking to get the army early on so we can make it look pretty also. One thing to bear in mind...Skinks are a must, she likes Skinks :)

Thanks guys

Archmage - 235 Points - Lore of Light
Silver Wand

Noble - 165 Points
Reaver Bow
Dragon Armour, Great Weapon

Archers x 10 - 125 Points
S-Bearer, Musician

Archers x 10 - 125 Points
S-Bearer, Musician

Sword Masters x 18 - 350 Points
Command, Banner of Sorcery

Saurus Old-Blood - 246 Points
Burning Blade of Chotec - 20 Points
Armour of Destiny - 50 Points
Dawnstone - 25 Points
Shield - 6 Points

Skink Priest - 110 Points
Level 2
Plaque of Tepok
Blood Statuette of Spite

Saurus x 28 - 338 Points

Skink Skirmishers x 6 - 42 Points


King Arthur
26-10-2012, 12:45
your army isn't shooty enough to be defensive and is quite slow you want some fast cavalry as 20 archers don't do too much and neither do stegadons unless your lucky but like the block of saurus and expand the skinks to have a kroxigor they are a amazing flanking unit.