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26-10-2012, 07:49
I find myself with a quandary yet again. While planning out my future Word Bearers Army, which is to take place after the Ork Project in my sig is completed to a more satisfactory size, I ran into an issue between the way I want to write my list and the way I want to build the models. I'm planning on doing a 99% plastic army, with only the Dark Apostle model as the only finecast in the army, and I absolutely hate the fact we did not receive new Plastic Havocs like I had hoped. So i have resigned myself to build my own havocs. I built a very adequate Autocannon out of kitbashed Chaos parts (the conversion calls for the barrels of a Reaper and the body of a Heavy Bolter as it's basis), and of course we have the normal heavy bolters from the CSM kit.

My problem is I am unsure at this point in time that if I run a 2X2 combination, that the list would be entirely competitive ( I'm just looking for competitive, not a powerhouse), should I build it like that. I can make up for some of the lack of Lascannon anti armor with placing Combi meltas on the Rhinos I plan to build, but I can't make up for Flakk Missiles Anti flyer defense (I'm trying to avoid using the Aegis line also, as everyone and their brother uses it.). So I am trying to come up with a really good conversion of a Missile launcher that I can use.

My issue is the obvious answer is using the SM Dev weapons, but they don't look Chaos-y enough for my taste, and to be brutally honest, my green stuff skills suck something awful, beyond filling gaps, to make them look chaos-y enough for my liking. Does anyone have any ideas that would satisfy my ML needs, or is the 2 AC/2 HB Havoc combo adequate enough for the needs of the game and I should just go ahead and build them?

26-10-2012, 07:59
If you could get hold of some, how about the old RTB01 Space Marine missile launcher: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Ldf3aAN8iYI/T8TsVuzyXvI/AAAAAAAACO8/GsuDOFS0Ddk/s320/New+Missile+Launchers.jpg

Alternatively, you could simply glue some gribbly bits to a normal Space Marine - or even Imperial Guard - Missile Launcher; an open daemon head onto the muzzle, for example, or replace one of the backpack vents with an arm or tentacle holding a missile, similar to the backpack for the non-Chaos version. There should be something suitable in the Possessed squad or perhaps taken from a daemon kit.

26-10-2012, 08:31
The FW missile launchers? http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Space_Marines/Space_Marine-Infantry-and-Accessories/SPAC__MARINE_SPECIAL_WEAPONS_PACK.html

Add chaos detail parts and they'd work well I think.

26-10-2012, 09:47
just chop off the tip of the barrel, and put on the wider of the two types of chaos weapon heads from the vehicle upgrade sprue

26-10-2012, 14:04
Imperial guard launchers with the heads from the chaos vehicle sprue look great. That's what I did!



26-10-2012, 17:40
I guess with my longwindedness, I believe I may have confused the ultimate question I was asking. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

Is a 2AC/2HB Havoc build adequate for a CSM list? Do I really need to have ML's, beyond access to Flakk Missiles?

26-10-2012, 17:47
Flakk missiles aren't generally regarded as a cost effective flyer defense, anyway. Some of the conversions can look cool, but they won't break the game wide open for you.

I'd stick to autocannons, as the HB isn't often the optimal choice for any setup. Autocannons are simply an excellent all-purpose weapon.