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27-10-2012, 16:27
Hi, some might have read about my plans to start a host of chaos army from the tamurkhan book. So that I do not waste too much money on one big army I might not use that much I was thinking to make all part of the army playable for themselves at smaller battles. Since I have often been intrigued by the beastmen I was thinking on getting 2 battalions and set up an army on 1000 points as I have done below as a start. Since I am new to beastmen I want to know if this is a good list and if it is anything that is good to include or exclude.

Wargor-Heavy armour, Shield, Gnarled hide, Sword of migth, Ramhorn helm-141


Gor Herd, full command, shield-185

Gor Herd, full command, additional handweapons-185

Ungor raiders, Halfhorn-66

Ungor raiders, Halfhorn-66(deployed in bastmen ambush)

20 Bestigors, full command-270(Wargor goes here)

I have also just reached 988 points so there is 12 more points to sett to use.

27-10-2012, 16:37
Drop the half horns and add musicians, a Dispel scroll on the bray shaman might be a good call. Also in my opinion gors should have 2 hand weapons as shields is a bit point less. maybe a magic standard on the bestigor(standard of discipline.