View Full Version : New Berserkers In Rulebook?

29-10-2012, 23:33
On page 387 of the 6th Ed. Rulebook; the picture of Berserkers charging Imperial Fists.

Now I know this is highly unlikely and I'm no expert on the Chaos Spacemarine range but these models look unfamiliar to me. They're certainly not straight out of the box so maybe kit bashes or conversions?

It seems to me that the chances of someone at GW slipping up and putting unreleased models into the rulebook are extremely low and I'm really looking for someone to identify those components and put me in my place.

On the off-chance that nobody can - new Berserkers on the way??

30-10-2012, 00:01
I'm pretty sure those are the current range of zerkers. Possibly with different legs, but mostly is seeing them from behind that throws off the familiarity detectore I'd say.

30-10-2012, 00:10
Yeah it is mostly the legs that look different to me but I swear there are some guys with different heads, bodies and weapons too. There's definitely a couple of two-handed chain axes in there as well as a pointing bloke with an axe that I don't recognise.

EDIT: There's also a dude with a bare arm that is of reasonable proportions (ie not of the Catachan era) and their backpacks appear to be different (though they look like they could just be the regular CSM backpacks.

30-10-2012, 00:30
Sorry, those are just conversions using which were made by this guy;

his world eater army has made a number of white dwarf appearances as well as being used throughout the battle of eagle gate on page 390 the Rulebook. his models are the world eaters breaking through the main gate and can be recognised by the loyalist backpack banners he uses throughout his squads.

30-10-2012, 00:41
Ohh thanks dala_karn! I was more inclined to think they were conversions but it was just unusual for GW to include any serious conversions in their rulebooks and codexes.
Those Berserkers look really awesome, that's really how they should look.