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31-10-2012, 21:26
Hello fellow war-gamers.

Me and my friend have a dispute regarding the Avatar in the Eldar hq.
I play blood angels and he plays Eldar and when we play 1000p matches he always field that son of a *****, and i always lose to that monster. And when he don't, I win X).

So what is klling my bloody killing machines? That stupid weapon, The Wailing doom! And we come to an disagreement. He claims that the ranged profile on the avatar is what he have when its melee.
the s8 and ap... well you know probably. and my reasoning is that he don't get that in close combat due to the text on the profile that he shoots a psychic power from the body thrue the sword.
and he is too cheep.. so no matter what i throw at him in close combat, (exept assault terminators, hammers/stormshield) i will lose. I just want someone to prove me wrong ore right so that i can plan my list so i have a shoot at him.. Plenty rockets and assault terminators.

looking forward to comments and discusses.

31-10-2012, 21:29
The ranged profile is just that, a ranged profile. In close combat the Avatar fights with his own strength and AP2 for being a monstrous creature. Still good enough to kill most units.

31-10-2012, 21:36
As stated above his close combat attacks will be strength 6 and AP 2. The Avatar is definitely not too cheap for what he is: a foot slogging monstrous creature. He's slow enough that you should be able to engage it on your terms or just stay back and shoot.

Dwane Diblie
31-10-2012, 21:59
In this edition of the codex the Wailing doom is not a close combat weapon and is never used in assault. It is only a range weapon. So it strikes at ether A4 S6 AP2 or A2 S10 AP2 and nothing else.

As for killing it it is weak enough to be boltered to death. Heavy Bolters are the bane of most Elder Infantry and work on the Avatar also. I have lost my Avatar to Death Company on several occasions and units subject to your rage special rule (can't remember what it is called at the moment) can do quite a good job of holding it up and maybe even kill it. Tailoring your army to kill this one thing will probably get you killed the rest of his army. Find things that will work against everything even if the chances are small. Remember the more you fire the more likely you are to do damage.

31-10-2012, 22:17
thanks all for the comments. I guess we were both wrong in a way ^^.
I have much to think now in rebuilding my lists.

Have a great day all :P

31-10-2012, 22:31
He's a daemon, use a force weapon (a librarian dreadnought should do the trick).