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Lord Skrolk
06-11-2012, 23:29
Quickie. I have a strange fondness for this old zombie dragon and so I lovingly converted an appropriate saddle and switched out the rider with the new blood knight vampire. Can someone pls tell me if I need to rebase the dragon to the same size base as new zombie dragon/terroeghiest. I only ask cos I heard various podcasts talk about the need to rebase the old Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur model to the new larger base. Same with Kdai conversion using Balrog mini. Is this a letter of the law thing, a tournie ruling or old sportsmen like conduct giving potential abuse?


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07-11-2012, 01:06
This is one of those "done to death" (geddit?) topics where you'll get the same old arguments, I'm afraid. You'll get someone being very clever saying they have the 80's Chimera that came on a cavalry base, so that's what they use and then act surprised when people make a face. The Zombie Dragon is an annoying example, though, with the weird base size coming from nowhere, seemingly just because they made a large model, rather than using the same base size as the last few dragons.

What size did you use, by the way? 100mmx50mm?

Do what I do, and make up a few plasticard bases for units like this (or just spare citadel ones) and ask your opponent. If they really do take issue, pop it on to the "correct" size base. It isn't that big a compromise, and save re-basing. I recently based a Great Eagle (OK, proxy, as it's a small hippogryph) still thinking they were on 40mm bases and did the same.

07-11-2012, 07:00
Excepted here it's a conversion. It's all fine and well if the model is as is, has been painted back then and stuff, but if it's a conversion, or if you picked an unbuilt one on ebay, you try and match the current base-size, is my view on it. It's not even painted or anything yet, and that's not the base it came with anyway.
Every edition I wishlist for GW to finally drop the nonsense and write the base size in the unit's profile, maybe some day...

edit: that being said, zoggin-eck's way of doing multiple trays for it is a sensible one. It just feels a bit like "who knows, maybe I can get away with it" though...

07-11-2012, 07:15
I know exactly where your coming from here. I rebased my old Zombie Dragon to match the current base size. The biggest problem I encountered is that it just looks SOOOO small on that size of base. I am in the camp that believes that you should try to keep your bases some what current. As there are reasons for base sizes increasing and decreasing. Game mechanics is the major factor though. And a close second is the fact that alot of the new creatures are massive. Some of them take up the whole base. My Arachnarok is a prime example of this.

Lord Skrolk
07-11-2012, 08:56
Ok, thought this might be the case. Time to get a bigger base. Will have to go to town on base a little, but I rather do that than get flack down the line.

Incidentally, how the hell are you supposed to base the black coach!

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07-11-2012, 08:58
It just feels a bit like "who knows, maybe I can get away with it" though...

Fair enough, I guess it may come across like that. It also might put your opponent on the spot (I know I'd wonder if I sound like a git if I said they should change something). In my example given, any new eagles will have 50mm bases, so it's a given I'll make up a 50mm base (or just bite the bullet and re-base!) with my eagle-proxy.

Some direction from GW would be nice. It's been half-heartedly done before with base size-charts. This is one instance where I really don't think it's unreasonable to expect an opponent to play using the "current" base size. It takes seconds to cut out some squares of card/paper, and really doesn't look that bad on the table (just use black!). That doesn't even ruin the models for when they're on the shelf or showing off online.

The biggest problem I encountered is that it just looks SOOOO small on that size of base.

True, I'm looking at my Manticore from the 4th edition Undead army as something I can re-paint for Storm of Magic/Monstrous Arcanum games. He'll look tiny if I go with the base-size used on the newer Chaos model. Just goes to show, many of those models I used to think were so big and impressive, really weren't. A cavalry model stands higher than this thing does!

07-11-2012, 09:16
Fair enough, I guess it may come across like that.

Not that I want to accuse you of anything. But you got to admit there's quite a massive difference in frontage between an 50*50 base and an arachnarok base.

As for the matter of it looking small on the arachnarok base, I know exactly what I'd do if I were to build one: I'd recycle the idea I used on my arachnarok (don't check my plog, I'm in the process of reuploading the pictures, so for now they're gone). I covered its base with small spiders, looks nice, swarmy and somewhat creepy. Now with Zacharias' dragon, you got much more vertical room to play with since it really fills only a quarter of the base's surface at most. I'd put flights (swarms?) of bats around it (not the warhammer ones, those are ugly. Dunno, reaper ones, or the LotR ones). That would liven up the base a lot, it wouldn't look flat, and it'd make sense, picture a zombie dragon flying over the battlefield with hundreds of bats in its wake? Man if I ever get to complete my VC army, I might do just that, in fact.

Lord Skrolk
07-11-2012, 09:34
Sweet conversion idea! Digging the bat swarms. I got some really nice ones a while back. So turns out terrorgheist is on a 100 x 150 mm. I can live with that if I fluff up the base some.


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07-11-2012, 09:40
You're welcome. Allow me to add a couple advices if you follow that way: It might be a bit cumbersome, but I'd advise you to put the dragon on something (a rock, a mausoleum, whatever) so it is elevated. Not that it needs it by itself, but you'll want the bat swarms to be on random heights too so they look like a realm swarm with bats flying at all sorts of altitudes to get an effect of real, random swarm. Depending on how conversion happy you are, you could, in fact, build a light structure (well, a couple metal wires running parallel, really) tracing a spiral path all along the base and around the dragon (kinda like the banshees flying around the coven throne) and pin the bats to it (that's what I'd do I think). Anyway, you awnt to elevate the dragon so it isn't obscured by the bats and just seem like it's drowning in a sea of black furry fliers. Dragons always look better perched on something anyway :p