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07-11-2012, 20:50
Could someone offer opinions on my list i would also like some help re what units should have Standards,Musicians or champions.

2484 total

Grimgor Ironhide - 355 pts

Orc great shaman - 200 pts

Night Goblin Shaman - 85pts
Level 2 Wizard

Orc Big Boss - 80 pts
Battle Standard Bearer

29 Black Orcs - 368 pts
Da Immortulz, Musician, Standard Bearer

34 Big Uns -326 pts
Extra Hand Weapon, Musician, Standard Bearer

35 Goblins -132.5 pts
Short Bows, Musician

5 Spider Riders - 65 pts

45 Night Goblins - 225 pts
Nets, Musician, Standard Bearer fanatic

6 Boar Boyz - 148 pts
Spear, Shield, Musician,champion Standard Bearer

3 Trolls - 105 pts

Giant - 200 pts

Goblin Rock Lobber - 85 pts

10 goblin wolf riders 110

07-11-2012, 21:01
Grimgor Ironhide - Sure
Orc great shaman - a dispel scroll will help
Night Goblin Shaman -I'd think about dropping
Orc Big Boss BSB - What do you plan to do with him? If he's frontline then he needs protective gear
29 Black Orcs w/ Musician, Standard Bearer - drop musician and get a champ
34 Big Uns w/ Extra Hand Weapon, Musician, Standard Bearer - no need for musician
35 Goblins w/ Short Bows, Musician - Is this a bunker? Or what role do you see them filling?
5 Spider Riders - sure
45 Night Goblins w/ Nets, Musician, Standard Bearer fanatic - again I'd drop the musician
6 Boar Boyz w/ Spear, Shield, Musician,champion Standard Bearer - drop all that command
3 Trolls - fine
Giant - not a fan but if you like it then take it
Goblin Rock Lobber - fine
10 goblin wolf riders - split into two units

07-11-2012, 21:19
Couple of questions and thanks for the feedback,very much appreciated.

Night Goblin Shaman - would it be worth taking as just a level 1 shaman?

Orc Big Boss BSB - I intend for him to go in with the orc boys.So frontline yes.

35 Goblins w/ Short Bows, Musician - I have very little in the way of ranged units had also thought of adding some nasty skulkers.

6 Boar Boyz w/ Spear, Shield, Musician,champion Standard Bearer - Do the boar boys need nothing at all?

10 goblin wolf riders - do they need any command units?

07-11-2012, 21:28
Some people like back up shamans, but personally I like to have more combat units/models.

A common build would be the armor that forces the opponent to reroll to wound and give him a great weapon.

The goblins are not very good as a ranged unit. They cost more than the night goblin version and the shot range means they don't get much done. I would only use them if I faced a lot of chaff.

The boar boyz need nothing but a flank to charge on. They will either be helping one of your main blocks on the flank, in which case you will already have a banner in the combat, or will be picking on weaker units in which case the extra command isn't needed.

No, don't bother on command on fast cav. They are a throw away unit.

07-11-2012, 22:21
Hi, I agree with most of what malorian is saying, he is very knowledgable.
You have asked about command groups, I would say any units you plan on putting in combat should have a musician. Besides looking nice it will allow the unit to swift reform and to win ties if the other side doesn't have a musician. This happens more ofton than some people realise. I would say a musician is almost mandatory for fast cavalry if you choose to flee to bait enemy units. The musician adds +1 to rally, very handy for OnG units.
Standards should go on combat units only. Small units of cavalry don't need them unless you plan on going for blood and glory alot.
Some people swear by unit champions others can't stand them and never take them. In some circumstances it is too costly to upgrade a 1 wound model for 1 more attack vs just buying more regular troops. Other times it is a good idea to buy the cheap upgrade. If you have nice looking command models it is fun to include them and can get you painting points at tournaments.
Your characters need protection of some kind.
Bring a dispel scroll.
Short bows are USELESS! 35 is a little small for a goblin unit.
Try the boar boyz, they can be meh sometimesand can't take on big units by themselves. Why 6?
10 wolf riders, try it. It might work better as 2 units of 5. More drops during deployment and more targets for the enemy to worry about, however more animosity tests for you.

08-11-2012, 20:28
Made a couple of changes still not sure what units to add the musicians/standards too i have another boss on a boar but may just add as another boar boy.

Grimgor Ironhide 355

Orc great shaman 200
Dispel Scroll 15
Night Goblin Shaman 50

Orc Boss Standard bearer 80
Armour of Silvered Stee 45

29 Black Orcs 348
Da Immortulz

34 Big Uns 306
big uns hand weapons
standard 10

35 Goblins 122.5
Nasty Skulkers x3 30

5 Spider Riders 65

45 Night Goblins 135
Nets, fanatic 70

5 Boar Boyz 100
Spear, Shield

3 Trolls 105

Giant 200

Goblin Rock Lobber 85

10 goblin wolf riders 110

08-11-2012, 20:48
My rule of thumb on command:

Champions are only taken in frontline units where you want to keep a character out of a challenge.

Banners are only taken in your main frontline combat units, and possibly the bunker if your army is still near the break point.

Musicians are only taken if you use the watchtower blitz tactic, and possibly ranged bunker units.

09-11-2012, 18:51
Thanks for the reply. Dont really have much in the way of cash to spend. So really can only play with what ive got spare.

Apart from whats listed i have another couple of boar boys,5 more wolf riders(Meaning i reduce my goblins to 30.)
An Orc big boss on a Boar and a few spare orcs.

Need to get it in at 2500 including standards and musicians. Didnt realise it was going to be so hard to finalise the list lol.