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08-11-2012, 03:05
Hey all!

I'm new to Space Wolves, and i'm really looking for some advice.

I'm not afraid of Imperial Armour stuff - matter of fact, I want to use Bran Redmaw as my Warlord.

So, using Bran - I'll have at least 1 Grey Hunters as a troop choice.
However, beyond this I'm..... kinda lost.

I'm very much looking to wolf the daylights outta this list.

Mark of the Wulfen anywhere I can. Perhaps some Fenrisian / Cyber wolves too...

So yeah. Lookin' for some advice all =D

Anyone got a good 2500 point list out there?!

- Hammerman

Wolf Lord Balrog
08-11-2012, 03:20
Well, more Grey Hunters is a no-brainer. At 2500 you want at least 40, preferably more.

Wolf Guard Terminators - Harder to work into a list than most other options, but oh-so-fluffy.

Thunderwolves - You just don't get anymore Space Wolves than these guys. Either one unit of five, fully tooled-up, or two units of 3-4, more conservatively geared.

Long Fangs - These were the guys that made me fall in love with Space Wolves, believe it or not. My army has always included at least one pack, more usually 2 or 3.

That should do to get you started.

08-11-2012, 05:59
Grey hunters are awesome. Pwerfist that can't be challenged, twin special weapons, wulfen and standard are all brilliant bits of equipment, take them all. And a rhino or razorback.

Remember wolves don't care as much as most of they don't get the charge because if counter attack. So driving up, double tapping all weapons then taking the charge is a great trick. The target unit has to take your turna fire, then overwatch, your counter attack with your wolf standard should be pretty good to!

Thunderwolves with a lord attached are devastating. Not sure on brand rules but I guess he does the same.

I take 4 with 2 storm shields and a power fist.

Long fangs are great and dirty cheap!

I've used fenrisian wolves but they're a little weak and I generally use than as a screening or distraction unit.

That's about all ive really used from the codex.


08-11-2012, 12:59
Welcome to the pack little brother!

6th ed is more about shooting than melee so greyhunters will be your staple troop choice, take groups of 10 for the 2nd free special weapon and use that pair of plasmaguns the set comes with as even with gets hot they have more use than meltas.

Longfangs are a must not just for enemy armour but for MEQ infantry, go for missile launchers as they offer great flexibility able to instant death infantry with power armour, or spam templates against swarm armies.

I personally love my thunderwolves and take great pleasure watching them rip things to shreds with their rending attacks, smaller games take them without sheilds to reduce cost but in bigger games take your SS and a TH for punch.

Dont dismiss basic wolves either they are cheap and as effective as GH in combat, they wont do well against MEQ but they eat orks and guard for breakfast.

Wolves are a really flexible army so really take what you like it all works really well together.

08-11-2012, 16:07
I've recently been running a 15 strong blood claw pack and they are very good. Yes everyone is all "grey hunters ZMOG!" But the real benefit is the 15 model units, very hard to destroy and they almost always kill something for me and hold an objective.
I also love 3 strong land speeder squadrons with dual HBs, very awesome mobile firepower for cheap.
I also like running a dual plasma hunter squad with terminator wolf guard with AC and terminator wolf priest for the preferred enemy, nasty and the precision with the AC can be gold.
Personally I don't run any fists or wulfen in my hunters, I find both options expensive and lacklustre. The standard is a must though!

Chapters Unwritten
08-11-2012, 16:22
The standard is great nowadays because its effect applies to Overwatch as well as any rolls of 1 that a Terminator at the head of the pack makes. So it can essentially make a 2+ armor save re-rollable in assault, for all intents and purposes. It also often turns a productive assault into an all out rout when it goes off on good rolls.

You'll want to avoid fists in your Grey Hunter squads as they get very few attacks. I find the axe a fun option but many people would disagree, but it's a great way to save points and still pack a punch.

Mark of the Wulfen is a good support move, I don't use it really anymore but if your squad has a Wolf Guard leading it, MotW really can help make his impact get felt.

The Lone Wolf isn't as good as he used to be, thanks to Overwatch and the lowering of Feel No Pain's roll to a 5+ in the new edition, but he makes a great cheap-o distraction unit and often times he gets ignored by the enemy until it's too late.

Terminators leading GH squads also makes the on-foot variant pretty survivable.