View Full Version : Close combat battles all happen simultaneously?

12-11-2012, 17:39
Last night was playing a game against my brother and we're both pretty new. He plays OK and I play VC. The setup for this question is this. My black knights with blender lord is engaged in close combat with his thundertusk and within the always strike last rule distance of that aura that thundertusks emit is my unit of ghouls fighting his unit of ogres.

Ok so it's my turn and I chose to resolve the thundertusk/black knight battle first which ends up with the thundertusk dead. So I move over to the ghoul/ogre battle and he claims that all battles in close combat are resolved simultaneously so my ghouls still suffer the aura from the now nonexistent thundertusk because I'm supposed to imagine that it's still there fighting my knights at the same time the ogres and ghouls battle it out. Anyways I strongly disagreed and he wouldn't budge so we just rolled and I lost so my ghouls (with Konrad) got wiped without a chance to strike back. Can someone clear this up please?!

12-11-2012, 17:54
Battles do not happen simultaneously, you resolve them one at a time. Among other perks, this can cause:

-Breaking and overrunning the defeated foe, you end up pursuing into a second unit. Depending on the situation, the overrunning unit may be eligible to fight a second battle in the same phase.
- Killing the General or BSB first will make any subsequent morale checks much tougher for the opponent.

12-11-2012, 18:14
Mozzamanx has it right. If you need the explicit rulebook reference to show, it's on page 46 of the BRB, Close Combat Phase Sequence paragraph. It's very explicit that you pick one combat and fully resolve it before moving on to the next. The order you pick to resolve combats quite frequently matters (ditto for rallying, charge declarations, etc.).

12-11-2012, 18:24
Thanks for reminding me of those examples - we're both aware of those cases and it very obviously points to the battles being resolved one at a time. It was an extremely pivotal moment in the game and I think he was just really really scared of Konrad.