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13-11-2012, 14:14
So today i spent a fair bit of cash on a new necron army. i have not finalised a list yet but here is what i was thinking.

130- overlord- semp weave, war scythe and mind shackle
Veil tek- 45
10x warriors- night scythe - 230
10x warriors- night scythe- 230

10x immortals- gauss blasters 85
10x immortals- gauss blasters 85
5x deathmarks
Triarch stalker- heat ray 150
3x wraiths- 1x whip coils- 115
Doom scythe
Annihilation barge
if you have any comments on the list that would be helpful
but enough of the boring bits here is some photos.



so far only the hull is done and the pilot. i want to have another go at blending on the steering globe thingy..more photos to come in day light stay tuned!

13-11-2012, 14:40
The grey on the hull is awesome.

13-11-2012, 19:29
It's always good to see necrons that aren't just boltgun metal :) That's a nice looking ship.

13-11-2012, 19:38
I know that feel. My better half almost smacked me for buying 2 Pre heresy armies...

But nice painting by the way. Some dirt and damage would be awesome on the hull.

13-11-2012, 23:44
I have a forge world weathering kit that I am yet to test out. Will be trying it tonight on a old rhino then hopefully give some love to this too. Coming up tonight the tester immortal

14-11-2012, 13:49
ended up almost finishing the night scythe. only thing left to do is the portal underneath. i will weather it a bit but having trouble getting a good effect. anyone know how to use these powders from forge world???




not to toot my own horn but the photos dont do it much justice i feel looks much better in person. anyway enjoy :)

14-11-2012, 15:16
A great tip if you want to make the pictres show the model it righteous colours.

Get a black background and some black for the model to stand on and use average day light. Not to strong and take photos. The set up should be facing away from the windom. Or create some kind of black box and experiment.

I am lucky to have a girlfriend that studies photography. Check out my Angron on my blog for very nice photos. Even the people from White dwarf liked them once I upped the light a little :)

Liking the redish lenses though. Smooth layering.

About weatering powders.

I usually apply them on the area I wish and then apply surgery alcohol to make it stay there.

14-11-2012, 18:07
What questions do you have on the powders?

15-11-2012, 02:11
had a crack at using the powder today. a quite like it so far. and i dont think will do anymore to it. just needed something to break up the grey.



the second photo the bottom half of it looks quite dense in weathering, i fixed that straight after the photo so its a lot more even now

15-11-2012, 13:55
was able to try out a tester immortal today. didnt take me too long to whip this fella up. its far from perfect but that can be refined from here.

let me know what you think.



15-11-2012, 20:17
Your grey and purple colour scheme looks great and I haven't seen that colour scheme before,
so originality points too :)

15-11-2012, 20:29
I think the grey armour on the craft looks really nice and far better than the armor on the Immortal. If it's possible to use the same technique on the infantry I'd recommend doing that .

The Lost Hobbit
15-11-2012, 21:35
Nice colour scheme.

15-11-2012, 22:21
It's actually the same scheme I used to paint my vampire counts. Just with primary and secondary colours swapped around.

While I do agree the scheme is nicer on the scythe. I need them to look a little different from each other. Otherwise I think it's going to look a bit horrible when I do my ghost arks.
And besides that I'm not sure i would be able to sponge infantry sized models haha

18-11-2012, 14:55
Managed to get some more painting done today after a 3 game tourney which i did horrible at..

so here we have almost done immortal. this photo is minus sharp edge highlights and eyes. and have tidied up the messy bits too.


second one is part way through my triarch stalker. this model i had major issues with in assembly but finding it a breeze to paint. didnt do anything out there since majority of the model is mechanical parts.


hope you enjoy

19-11-2012, 10:31
The light purple is a very nice touch. Very unlike most other Necron armies I've seen. Different, but still toned-down and not gaudy or too much. A great idea!

Red Skullz
19-11-2012, 13:43
I hope she doesn`t kill you cause I want to see more :)


20-11-2012, 13:58
been having a lot of fun putting th rest of my 1k list together. done a fair bit of painting tonight.
got my triarch stalker almost done, my painting light bulb blew so had bad lighting for a while so will have to touch him up in the morning.
sorry for bad pics my celieng lights are rather high up!




this was first time trying a weathering powder on metal. i kinda heavily hit the metal parts with black soot and so it looks rather oiled up im quite growing on the idea with highlights only poking through a bit

thanks for looking

22-11-2012, 12:03

little close up on the finished triarch stalker. i needed to water down the metal behind a bit more but will do for now. im tired of painting this thing now... time for 2 ghost arks boo haha

22-11-2012, 12:04

little close up on the finished triarch stalker. i needed to water down the metal behind a bit more but will do for now. im tired of painting this thing now... time for 2 ghost arks boo haha

28-11-2012, 12:47
Played around with the wraith kit. This counts as destroyer lord with war scythe and phase shifter. Figures makes him perfect fit for running with my wraiths

30-11-2012, 22:06
The sponge effect is awesome nice to see some non metallic necrons too :)

06-12-2012, 14:15
love the destroyer lord!

08-12-2012, 03:24
Have done a little bit of painting. Having some trouble with paint consistency with this weather beig up and down.

So have 5 warriors almost done except for eyes ( not sure to go green or purple) and I want to do some dead grass on the bases too to give winter setting in feel.
5 warriors at the back are up to see highlighting


10-12-2012, 07:53
Now that is a Nice army

13-12-2012, 22:04
best log title - EVER!