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15-05-2006, 23:35
not had a lot of comments on this on other forums so I'm sticking this here

"heres my latest all rounder list, seems pretty effective against other balanced armies, vs cheese.. not sure


Elector Count - Lord Aldous - 195
FPA, Shield, Runefang

Battle Wizard - Marcus Shadoweaver - 145
Lv2, 2 Dispel Scrolls

Battle Wizard - Eric Faustus -140
Lvl2, Rod of Power

Captain - Captain Richtoven - 159
FPA, Shield, Great Weapon, Holy Relic, Pegasus

20 Swordsmen, Full Command - 255
2 detachments of 10 free company and 5 archers

20 Swordsmen, Full Command - 255
2 detachments of 10 free company and 5 archers

6 Knights, Full Command, Warbanner

10 Handgunners, 2 detachments of 5 crossbows - 185
5 Pistolliers, Marksman with Repeater Pistol - 112

Cannon - 100

Hellblaster - 125

Duellists - 90

Main tactic is to hold the centre with the infantry, position handgunners and crossbows to give the best field of fire on the flanks, put the cavalry on the other flank and try to break through or use pistolliers to rush towards enemy stone throwers to take them out, the captain flies around the enemy rear to support charge and pursue broken enemies and generally be a nuisance. The duellists are good for looking after artillery and running forward into woods.

Wizards are usually a mix of either shadow, heaven or fire, shadow lets me fly the EC around to where he's needed most if I'm up against a skirmisher list, fire is good for taking out lots of troops and heavens if I want to make sure I dont blow my artillery up on the first turn by rerolling misfire results."