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14-11-2012, 18:51
Hey guys.

Me and a friend have convinced two other friends to give Fantasy a go. To help them ease into the game, we've both agreed that we too will start new armies, leading to the idea of us doing a 'Tale of Four Gamers'. However, try as we might, we can't find a good set of guidelines or rules for a WHFB ToFG. I'm thinking of going with a battalion & character to start with, and expand from there, but due to the way WHF is based on a percentage system for it's army lists, I'm struggling to think of a way we could add to our army month by month whilst not ending up with an illegal balance in terms of the %'s.

Can anyone share any advice on this? Or point me to some more information regarding running a successful ToFG?

Thanks guys!

Evil Hypnotist
15-11-2012, 06:26
If you are only having games between each other (as usual for ToFG) then you don't have to worry too much about your armies being 100% legal because you all have a similar problem. If you decide on a battalion and character then that will be the same for each of you, making it fair. Of course, you don't have to have games straight away, ToFG traditionally doesn't get games in until the later stages.

The original ToFG with Paul Sawyer's Beastmen, etc. was IMO the best series of articles White Dwarf ever did. Later versions changed the format slightly and it never captured the same sense of struggle that most of us have with building armies. They had a budget each month and agonised over what to spend it on, whether to save some to get a big thing the month after. The alternative to this is having no budget and just getting a Core/Special, etc choice done by the deadline. Have a points system based on getting things finished by each deadline, games won, etc and get everyone to chip some money in for a prize for the winner. Also make the deadlines manageable and slightly flexible otherwise the others might get disillousioned. Maybe, if you did a budget, you get a bit more for the next month if you have a certain size unit completed a week before the deadline, for example.

Also, make sure above all else, you all have fun with it :)

15-11-2012, 07:15
In addition to what Evil Hypnotist said about the To4G series, Paul did a sort of lone version when he tried to build up a Chaos force for fantasy (so this would be release of the Hoards of Chaos book onwards in the WD publishing timeline) and I felt it very much captured the same spirit.

His initial purchase was between 80-100 and afterwards he had a strict limit of 30 a month, of which any money not spend could be added to the next months total. I'm not sure if you would want to increase the amount to account for price rises, but its a good start if you ask me :)

Also, don't worry about a legal force at the start. If it does bother you, let a deadline be set about 2-4 months after the start date. That way, you can have a month or two splashing out on the cool stuff like monsters and special choices, and still have time to get the 25% core.

17-11-2012, 12:24
Thanks for the ideas guys. I'm slowly building a schedule or guide for us to work through. Gonna share my ideas with the other three guys later on today and then will hopefully get started soon enough!

Any more feedback is appreciated guys!

17-11-2012, 15:23
I would agree about not stressing too much about the percentage ratios for the forces initially, since you are all in the same boat when gaming against each other.

That said, you might want to set some point goal in the beginning (say 1000 or 1500 points, depending on the interests of the people), and set the maximum points for each category based on that - so at least by the time everybody has completed their force, they will be able to field a force that fits to the percentage restrictions.