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16-11-2012, 15:36
i want to use a lot of chaos spawns but they are really expensive in cash

i am looking for alternative to making them.

Atm m best alternative is by using vampire counts crypt horrors.

does anyone have some cheaper idea for making a load of chaos spawns.

i dont really want to mess with green stuff

16-11-2012, 15:49
Modelling putting and bits box ? :D. Aint that hard just make a blob and stick spare arms / heads in it.

Whats ya army theme/legion?

16-11-2012, 16:08
i dont really have a theme/legion

i would prefer them to be generic

Nurgling Chieftain
16-11-2012, 16:15
Buy a box of guardsmen. Cut out all the arms, legs, heads, and torsos. Glue them together haphazardly.

16-11-2012, 16:24
Crypt horrors....river trolls....ogres.....and some modelling :P

16-11-2012, 19:24
Crypt horrors....river trolls....ogres.....and some modelling :P

river trolls is a fantastic idea for nurgly spawn.. im surprised i didnt think before

16-11-2012, 20:21
River trolls sound like a very interesting basis for spawnification, but they will not make life massively cheaper. Chaos spawn are 12.50 each, while river trolls are 9.50 each (plus you need to get round bases for them from somewhere).

Fantasy beastman range also has minotaurs that might work, but they are the same price as river trolls.

And skaven range has rat ogres that might be better starting point than regular ogres. However, they come with giant rats and herders, so you might need to swap those to some actual skaven player. That said, there are also rat ogres in the new WHFB starter set, and those might be available for a passable price second hand if you get lucky.

Edit: and whatever big gribblies are carrying the new WHFB chaos warshrine might also look wonderful, though they might end up being more pricy than regular spawns.

16-11-2012, 20:25
Find somone daft enough to buy a tide of spawn at some point in their life. :P

Buyers remorse doesn't cut it when you have 7 spawn unassembled in a box :P

16-11-2012, 22:23
Check out t' ebay for Battle Masters ogre/minotaur figures, saw the Bejaysus out of them, and use spare Tyranid parts for garnishing.

16-11-2012, 22:53
Personally I just ordered some Skin Wolves from Forgeworld. But then they're only slightly cheaper per model than the plastic spawn and really only fit my personal army theme.

16-11-2012, 23:10
If you don't have a tzeentch collection, and you make it perfectly clear to your opponent, pink horrors of tzeentch might be a good idea for counts-as. They're a little small, but if you want a tide that might actually look good.

16-11-2012, 23:12
I play death guard.
I purchased 2 sets of FW Nurgle Plague Toads for $135 USD Shipped. They require the 120mm base though.

16-11-2012, 23:49
Buy a set of spawn and a set of chaos terminators. Mix parts. result is 7 spawn.

16-11-2012, 23:53
If you're willing to entertain smaller minis, you could check out eBay for some older daemons, rather than using current models.

Privateer press sells a couple good minis for chaos spawn in their Hordes 'minions' range. They aren't cheap, but they beat $21 a model.

Oh, also, Avatars of War makes a netherhound that could make for an interesting chaos spawn. About 12,50 euros.

And then there's this thing.

And here's a list of non-GW minis. The thread is intended as alt-daemon models but I think about half of them would also work as chaos spawn.

17-11-2012, 01:39
Ebay wrecked models etc wtc. Modeling putty and blam. Cheap spawns.

17-11-2012, 01:52
The old chaos hounds make a good base. Just add testicle...err tentacles.

17-11-2012, 02:38
I made my Nurgle Spawn from a box of Dire Wolves and lots of bits/green stuff. Just mounted them on 40mm bases and voila.

Nicely themed as Nurgle's Pox Hounds, but each unique. Plus the box allows me to create 10 Spawn along the theme; I only plan on fielding maybe 4-5, but I could use some extras for the odd Rewards snafu.

17-11-2012, 04:25
Wow, there's hundreds of options for chaos spawn, so surely you can have fun thinking of a few yourself? I usually hate the "stick things to things, add greenstuff" approach people usually suggest, and have seen some awful examples, but with some degree of skill and effort it can look great. GW have shown enough over the years. The wolf body and slug body ones from the 90's (Mike McVey?) always looked cool to me.

Sounds more like you just want a proxy model? Have to be Citadel? I'd go through Reaper miniatures, even Ral-Partha and Grenadier miniatures, and go mad on Ogre, troll, minotaur and other 40mm base sized models.

I made my Nurgle Spawn from a box of Dire Wolves and lots of bits/green stuff. Just mounted them on 40mm bases and voila.

Dire wolves sound like a good idea. They're really surprisingly large, and certainly cheap (But I just don't like them much!).

Find somone daft enough to buy a tide of spawn at some point in their life. :P

Man, I wish I had. I feel like a sap buying them second hand and in twos now.

17-11-2012, 09:17
all sounds good, i will have go at converting some

Asura Varuna
17-11-2012, 09:27
I'm lazy (and unfortunately poor) so Chaos Warhounds are my spawn. They're on 40mm bases and jumping off all manner of cork-board rocks to get them up to height and no one I've met has seemed to have a problem with them. In fact, they've been praised for their money saving ingenuity.

17-11-2012, 10:38
I'm gonna use Crypt Horrors as my count-as Spawns.
The model's look (imo) great, and two boxes is enough to give me a unit of 5 + a model for when one of my character's end up rolling Spawnhood on the boontable.

Bubble Ghost
17-11-2012, 12:37
I play a Slaanesh army and my warband is named "the Serpent's Truth", so I'm planning on getting hold of some of these fellas for the full Thulsa Doom experience:


Might even get one of the bigger ones for mid-game Daemon Prince transformations.

17-11-2012, 13:57
Guardsman/marines human centipede?

17-11-2012, 15:42
@ bold or stupid, now I have to do that!