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19-11-2012, 13:45
Hello! This might be in the wrong section or not even in the correct forum at all and if so please delete the thread.

I'm getting into warhammer 40k with a couple of friends and now it has come down to what army I should play. I narrowed it down to either space wolves or chaos space marines but since I don't know anything about neither of them really play(or much of 40k at all for that matter) I'm looking for advice.
What I'm really looking for is a army with a low model count (Grey knights already taken so they're out) with really strong leaders and units though as nails while still being dangerous to accompany them, pretty much Warriors of Chaos from warhammer fantasy.
And of course I want want a ton of viable options for units and perfect internal balance codex-wise...you know all that stuff GW always and flawlessly provide.

But since both space wolves and CSM seem to fit this description I'm asking you, which of the two fit the description best?

I also suspect this isn't the first "tell me what army to play!" thread you guys have seen on the forum so sorry!

19-11-2012, 13:50
Low model count, hard hitting with strong leaders fits the description of the space wolves perfectly. The codex has a lot of builds you can choose from, including a terminator based list for ultra low count lists. You can also take 2 HQ's per HQ slot giving you a lot of choice on what you can take. I love Chaos and the chaos marine codex personally but from the list of what your looking for the Wolves are who you should be taking.

19-11-2012, 14:03
ChrisMurray is right. Space wolves allow for a HUGE amount of versatility in army types. Ranging from low model count terminators, to outflanking stealth wolf riders to lots and lots of guns. Having 4 HQ slots and using the sagas for those HQs can give your leaders the punch you are looking for, and the personality to back it up. Out leader, Logan Grimnar, is the essence of a hero, Ragnar Blackmane is the Berserker, and can make a lot of other CC units blush in envy.

Space wolves have arguably the best infantry in the game, as well as one of the best heavy support units (long fangs).

Chaos on the other hand has 4 gods, each one has a special type of infantry. You could take a very low model count army by taking a special character and only the elite units as infantry. For example, if everything in your army had a mark of nurgle, it would be low points and very tough. Nurgle bikes are as tough as a greater daemon!

19-11-2012, 14:23
Excellent! Thanks alot for the replies. Space wolves it is