View Full Version : Custom Foam in a GW Case

19-11-2012, 20:31
Hi all,

I have an empty GW case (single size) that I have been using for carrying random tanks about wrapped in newspaper etc and it's time to bite the bullet and spend some money!

I've designed a battlefoam case that caters for a good portion of my army quite neatly.

Now before I call them (probably tomorrow) I was wondering what depth I select? The GW case, I believe, has an inner height of 4.5", is it just as simple as selecting that, will battlefoam cut all the way into it or just as deep as I need for the models I have selected (I am mixing drop pods with a few troops so don't want them rattling about - I'd rather lose the space underneath them).

And finally what are people's opinions of using Battlefoam in this way, the general consensus appears to be good, but at a price (which I don't mind too much!)

19-11-2012, 21:31
You won't like my advice much, but just ditch the GW case and get one more suitable for purpose from whoever is providing the foam. The foam is the expensive part of storage normally and GWs boxes are "meh".

19-11-2012, 22:00
Battlefoam will cut to the depth of the foam (less the base layer) so if you have a drop pod then your infantry will be at the same depth.

I cant remember the depths I used on mine, but remember that theres space in the cas lid as well, so you can squeeze about an extra inch to your foam depth.

Also, try experimenting - you could create your own shape and hold the drop pod over several layers, allowing our infantry to rest at a more appropriate depth.