View Full Version : Savage orcs 1500 pts. First try.

Boss Zagstruk
20-11-2012, 11:44
So ive been debating about creating a small army for some time. I decided with a savage Orc army. Opinions would be great as I'm a little rusty with the current edition.


Savage Orc shaman, lvl 2 with lucky shrunken heads.
155 *with savage Orc big uns*

Savage Orc big boss, bsb with great weapon and crown of command.
139 *with savage Orc big uns*


28 savage Orc big uns with Additional hand weapons and full command.

8 forest goblin spider riders with bows, boss and musician.


6 trolls.

10 savage Orc boar boys with shields, musician,standard and banner of eternal flame.


Arachnarok spider

Total 1499

I've got 2 large infantry blocks that can hopefully pack some punch and stick around in combat. The SO boar boys can hit the flanks as well as the big spider. I'm not sure how useful my 8 spider riders will be. What else could I use? I also think spears on the boar boys could be useful. What do you think? Thanks

Oogie boogie boss
20-11-2012, 11:55
Ditch the Spier riders, go for two units of 25 Boys, drop the Boar Boys to 8, give them spears and make them Big 'Uns. Sorted.

Spiney Norman
20-11-2012, 13:38
at 1500pts I would certainly be wanting at least a L3 to handle the magic phase, preferably a L4, that would also give you a much needed boost of army-Ld, 7 really doesn't cut it, especially when your trolls are relying on it to pass their stupidity test. Something else you could do would be to drop the crown of command and give the BSB the standard of discipline, increasing your General's Ld to 9, which will give you much more control over the trolls.

I would do the following

Upgrade your shaman to a L3 great shaman with LSH
Have another look at the boar boyz, there are two good loadouts for SOBBs, either give them additional hand weapons for more attacks (but stay out of terrain) or go for high strength with spears and shields. I personally favour spears and shields, but it is slightly more expensive.

Finance this by dropping 3 spider riders, the boss and the bows from the SRs, and maybe the musician as well, I would also drop the crown of command, a unit of 30 savage bigguns really shouldn't be losing combat in a game of this size, especially if they have an Arachnarok to back them up.

20-11-2012, 21:17
I would drop the spider riders for two units of 5 Wolf Riders with musicians, for the same points. Drop the Crown of your Boss, you really won't need it, and get a boss of some sort to babysit the Trolls. I'd ditch the Boar Boyz and invest in a Lv3, probably a NG, as the buffs and debuffs for the Little Waagh will help your savages steamroller the enemy.