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23-11-2012, 00:21
so this is my new army that i am working on at the moment, i will be looking to make it up to 2400 points as well at some point.

here it is:

Dwarf Lord
rune of might, rune of fury
rune of stone, rune of resistance
Master rune of spite

Rune Lord
Rune of sellbreaking x 2, rune of furnace
rune of stone
rune of fire

Great Weaon
rune of iron x 2, Master rune of gromril

10 quarellers

28 Longbeards (Lord +BSB go here)
Full command
Great weapons
rune of slowness

19 thunderers (Rune lord goes here)
Full command

Grudge thrower
Engineer, brace of pistols
Rune of accuracy

Grudge thrower
engineer, brace of pistols
rune of accuracy, rune of penetration

Organ gun

Organ gun

Thats my 2000 points, let me know what you think. i will take on board all suggestions.

23-11-2012, 21:00
I've got a few points then an alternative list.

1. You probably have too many points in lords. At 2000 points you could run a tank rune lord and not have a problem. If I take a lord fighter I put him on shields and take just a hero runesmith.

2. You only have 1 combat block, which strikes last (though at str 6!). At 2000 expect at least 2-3 unit is 30+ models if cheap or smaller elite units that will line up to eventually chop all your longbeards down. I don't know if you can rely on 20 thunderers with a 4+ / 6++ str 3 to win combats.

Onto the list:- I made some small changes but kept your units essentially the same, but to show you what you can have available:

Rune lord - shield, spell breaker x2, spite, stone, resistance 268 (2scrolls, 4+ ward, 2+ armour with reroll. 268

Bsb runes-gromril/resistance/might (all purpose bsb) 165

29 longbeards - fc hand weapon shield 373

19 thunderers fc shields 310

10 quarrellers shields 120

Grudge thrower engineer penetrating accuracy 150

Grude thrower engineer penetrating x2 accuracy 175

2x organ guns

Total 1801

So you would have 199 points to play with. You keep all your models except lord king.

In my opinion your better off taking the 199 plus the 120 from dropping the quarrellers (319)

And getting 30 warriors with gw / fc (325) and drop 6 points (brace of pistols from an engineer-5)

Would then be 2001 pts.

Also consider dropping an organ gun for a flaming cannon. Quite useful and similar in pints with forging and burning (130 - so drop 1 warrior to 29 total).

That way you have two nasty combat blocks, good magic defense, lots of shooting. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

23-11-2012, 23:15
some interesting points.

i personally don't rate the flame cannon i think it is just poor compared to an organ gun. plus organ guns are great against everything.

the army list you wrote although having combat units doesn't have any really hard hitting combat like the Lord or the GW longbeards delivered.

I agree though, the army could use some close combat punch but i just can't decide where to take away from. I like the lord alot and i'm too scared of enemy magic phases to take anything less than a runelord. I worry that if i remove any shooting the army will loose effectiveness. what to do!

Dark Aly
24-11-2012, 14:34
I believe he means a cannon with rune of burning not a flame cannon.

30 warriors with GWs hit a lot harder than a dwarf lord.

24-11-2012, 21:33
I indeed mean a regular cannon with a flaming rune.

As the next poster says, a tooled up combat lord will cost around the same as 30 GW dwarfs, but the latter can pump out more attacks. Alongside your , that is a tough line to crack.

24-11-2012, 21:35
Bear in mind you only lose 1 dispel dice from changing to a rune smith. Ideally, take of a scroll and armour defender and take balance rune and 1 spellbreaker. That way you still get two dice and he loses one!

24-11-2012, 21:57
I could be wrong, but since dwarves use a 6th ed book, you cannot give a GW to your BSB.

And I agree with the rest of these guys. The Lord is a huge misuse of points. And get the MRoBalance!