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23-11-2012, 17:24
Well it's been a while since I've played so I decided to have a go at taking on a 2000 point game with my recently tweaked High Elf list against Ogres.

High Elves -

Archmage + extra level, Silver Wand (Death)

BSB + great weapon, dragon armour, shield , Ironcurse Icon, Radient Gem of Hoeth (High)

20 Seaguard + FC, shields, Banner of Eternal Flame
10 Archers + musicain
10 Archers + musician

20 White Lions + FC, Skeinsliver
21 Swordmasters + FC, Banner of Sorcery
5 Ellyrion Reavers + musician, bows
Lion Chariot

Giant Eagle
Giant Eagle

Ogres -

Butcher + extra level (Maw)
Butcher + extra level (Amber)

18 Bulls + standard bearer and Ironfists
18 Bulls + standard bearer and Ironfists
5 Leadbelchers
5 Leadbelchers


So looking at the lists I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of viable targets for my Archmage. I'd hoped to see some Mornfang cavalry or a Tyrant which I could target with spells like Spirit Leech, Caress of Laniph or Fate of Bjuna. Also the big units of Bulls are going to be stupidly hard to shift and I'm going to have to do it in combat. My basic thinking was to try to keep at least one of the Bull hordes out of the game using my chaff until I can get rid of the other. The Archmage was just going to have to try his best with what spells he rolled up to make life hard for my opponants characters (although I really wasn't worried about them anymore). I knew that I had enough drops to see where my opponant was going before I had to commit my big units.

Spells -

My Archmage ended up with Spirit Leech, Soulblight, Caress of Laniph, Doom and Darkness and Purple Sun. My BSB got Shield of Saphery and Drain Magic. His Maw Ogre got the spell which gave a unit Stubborn and the spell which gave his unit Regeneration. His other Butcher finnished with Wildform and Curse of Anranhier.

I was a little bit annoyed as I'd missed out on getting all three of the assasination spells on my Archmage as I think I'd worked out that I had a fair chance of pulling it off on a five dice roll. The BSB got stuck with his usual spells which I'm always happy with. On the Ogres side I think my opponant pretty much got what he wanted.

Set up -

We started off by rolling senario which ended up being Blood and Glory. We had a chat about this and I figured that it would be a bit of a waste of time. His army only had a fortitude of 4 and all I'd need to do to win is kill his General. With an Archmage with a Spirit Leach and Caress of Laniph I felt that the game would be too weighted on the side of the High Elves. I have more drops than him, I put my Archmage down last and If I get first turn just march up and throw some spells at him.

After some umming and ahhing we decided that we'd just run with a straight Battleline. We set up the board with some hills, trees, rocky patches and a small village. I would detail extacly what went where but the terrain had no impact on the game what so ever. He won the roll to decide board side and I ended up having to set up a unit first. By the time we'd finnished the battle lines looked like this...

.................................................. ............................................
.Stonehorn..Leadbelchers..Bulls(1).....Bulls(2)..L eadbelchers..Giant.

.Chariot...Reavers.......Seaguard..White Lions..Swordmasters.........
.............Eagle..Archers..Eagle................ ...Archers......................

The Achmage went in the Seaguard block and the BSB joined the White Lions

The Maw Butcher who was also the general went in Bulls(2). The Amber Butcher went in Bulls(1).

My general plan was to use my Eagles to slow down Bulls(1). Archer units would target the Leadbelchers and try to cause some casualties to cut down the firepower they could put out onto my elite infantry units. The main focus of my plan was to get the White Lions and Swordmasters into Bulls(2)in a combo charge as it would really be the only way I could see of winning the game.

We then rolled to see who would go first. He had the +1 for finnishing deployment first and I had the Skeinsliver bringing it back to a straight roll off. I won and decided to take first turn. Lastly I vanguarded the Reavers as far forward as possible.


23-11-2012, 17:42
That's a brutal ogre list.

23-11-2012, 22:11
High Elves Turn One -

I'm not able to declare any charges so I move straight onto remaining moves. The two Eagles move up to block odd the left hand Leadbelchers and Bulls(1). I see an oppertunity to block off the Stonehorn so move the Reaver up to double block the Stonehorn and Leadbelchers. My Chariot moves up and my Seaguard inch forward to bring Bulls(1) into range of my Archmage.

The magic phase sees me roll a 3 and 4. I then manage to channel once and roll 3 dice for my Banner of Sorcery giving me 11 power dice. I start by casting Spirit Leech with 3 dice on the Amber Butcher. Disaster strikes as I proceed roll a double 6 and then roll a 4 on the miscast table. I manage to avoid being sucked into the warp but 9 Seaguard die to the strength 10 pie plate, the Archmage takes a wound and I lose a single power dice. I manage to pass the panic check on the Seaguard and the Butcher takes a single wound from the spell. Things get a bit better when I get off Caress of Laniph on the Butcher and kill him (making a good case for having not played Blood or Glory). I also get 3 power dice back from Life Leeching. I then cast off virtualy everything else I have and finish with a Drain Magic.

Shooting is awful. I get off 33 bow shots and fail to do a single wound. There's no combat so we move straight onto Ogre turn one.

Ogre Turn One -

Charges are declared from everything on the left flank. My Reavers and Eagles flee resulting in his Stonehorn, Leadbelchers and Bulls(1) stubling forward a few inches. His right flank marches up as far as it can do.

Magic is a massive disappointment. He rolls snake eyes and then I channel. He dispels the Soulblight on his Leadbelchers and the maic phase ends.

In the shooting phase his right hand unit of Leadbelchers are out of range of the Swordmasters and the left hand unit of Leadbelchers charged. There's no combat so on to turn two


23-11-2012, 23:15
High Elf Turn Two -

I make a major mistake at the start of turn two by declaring a charge onto the Stonehorn with my Lion Chariot (pass Terror). I figured that I'd be able to pull a few wounds off it, withstand the counter attack and finnish it off in the next round. He decides to stand and shoot but misses and the Chariot gets in. The Reavers rally as does the Eagle who's in range of my Archmage. The other Eagle continues running and bounces through my Archer who pass their panic check. The Reavers move back up to block the Leadbelchers again. The rest of my army holds it's ground.

The magic phase is really solid again. I roll a 4 and a 5. I don't channel but I do get 3 dice from the Banner of Sorcery. After such a good start the magic phase is a bit of a let down. I'm out of LOS of his other Butcher so I end up killing a Leadbelcher with Spirit Leech. I get Doom and Darkness and Soulblight off on the Leadbelchers and Shield of Saphery on the Seaguard.

Shooting is pathetic again. I get a wound on the left hand Leadbelchers and that's it from 30 plus shots.

Combat see the Lion Chariot do nothing to the Stonehorn (2 strength 5 impact hits, 2 strength 6 attacks, 4 strength 5 attacks; all whiff or fail to wound). The Stonehorn rolls a boatload of hits in return and mashes the Chariot into the ground.

Ogre Turn two -

The Bulls(1) block sorts itself out and moves up a bit (they had been dragged out of position in an attempt to redirect into my second Eagle). The Stonehorn moves up to charge my Archers next turn. The Giant moves up to get into charge range of my Swordmasters. The Bulls(2) inch up to make sure they are outside of the average charge distance of my Swordmasters/White Lions (I would have needed 11+ on the dice to get in).

Magic sees the Ogres get a 4 and a 5. Six dice goes on the regeneration save for the Bulls(2). The spell goes off with irrisistable force but the wounds that are caused from the small strength 10 template are all saved by the regeneration save (the Butcher gets his wound back from the spell being cast).

The left hand Leadbelchers shoot into the Reavers killing three (they pass their panic check).

There's no combat so onto turn three.


23-11-2012, 23:39
High Elf Turn Three -

The two Eagle rally. The Swordmasters wheel slightly to prevent the Giant charging them in the flank. The Seaguard wheel left to try to get the Stonehorn in range. Everything else stays still.

Magic is rolled as a 4 and 5. I don't channel and get 2 dice from the Banner of Sorcery. I'm out of range of the Stonehorn but I get Spirit Leech, Doom and Darkness and Soulblight off on the Leadbelchers. Other casting is dispelled by the Butcher.

Shooting sees a wound taken off the Giant and a Leadbelcher is killed from the left hand unit. This forces a panic check (on Leadership 4) which they fail and the remaining two run.

No combat so on to Ogre turn 3

Ogre Turn Three -

The Stonehorn charges into the Archer unit (Stand and Shoot) but they fail their panic check and flee. The Giant charges into the Swordmasters (hold). The Ogre player then declares a charge with the Bulls into the Swordmasters. He needs to roll high on the dice but gets it and ends the game there.

Magic and Shooting are a non event but combat sees the Swordmasters wiped out. They almost kill the Giant and kill an Ogre (my opponant makes quite a few parry saves) but the combination of D3 impact hits each + 3 attacks each + 3 suporting attacks each + stomps + the Giant's swing with club and Thunderstomp means the unit is tabled.

From this point on I've lost. The White Lions can't take on his units of Bulls by themselves and the best I can do from now on is six dicing Purple suns every turn in a desperate attempt to kill off Bulls(1) while I attempt to tie up the rest of his army with my Eagles and Reavers which I'm not going to bother trying to do.


24-11-2012, 00:44
Summery -

Well a loss for the High Elves.

High points -

Death magic was interesting to use and I got several magic phases were I got to cast plenty of spells. The Life Leeching lore attribute really worked well and I alway seemed to have plenty of power dice to chuck at stuff. Apart from the miscast on the first spell the rest of my luck was pretty good and in most phases I ended up getting off three or four spells with relative ease which is something I haven't managed to do before.

The Reavers and High Eagles did their job magnifcently. They caused chaos on the left flank and held the Ogres up for the first three turns. That's about 200 points holding up over 1000 for nearly half the game for the loss of three models. The Reavers, for me, got man of the match as their Fast Cavalry rules allowed them to get in, block, flee, rally and get back into the fight faster then my Eagles.

Low points -

Dice rolls were pretty poor during the game (bar the magic phase). I just didn't seem to get many 5's or 6's when it came to wounds which ment my missile fire did virtualy nothing (apart from panicing a unit of Leadbelchers that had already been ravaged by magic).

Charging the Lion Chariot into the Stonehorn. I think I was just too optimistic about the Charts chances. I figured that I'd cause a couple of wounds and lock it in combat for a turn. As it was the impact hits did nothing. Only one White Lion hit (even with the reroll) and he failed to wound. Then 3 out of the 4 White Lion attacks missed. I'd hoped that the Stonehorn would suffer due to a low WS but as per usual the Stonehorn managed more hits on WS3 then my WS5 unit managed.

There's not much more that I can say really as to my army. I was a bit frustrated by how the game turned out. My dice rolling wasn't the best but I don't think that my dice affected the final result of the game. The frustration came from the feeling that I was really trying my best. I'd felt that I'd done a good job holding up my opponants left flank. I'd made the dual charge (Bulls(2) and Giant) as hard as possible and I'd set up the situation where I'd have been able to have a decent attempt at dual charging the Bulls(2) unit with the Swordmasters and White Lions given that I could have dealt with the Giant in a single turn (I felt I would have done as I would have been able to throw more attacks at it).

This all vanished on a long bomb charge from Bulls(2) and I was the treated to a perfect example of how stupid Orges can get (or more accurately Monsterous Infantry). I don't mind the gut charge, or the stomps or the fact that they need less models for rank/horde but I just fail to see why Monsterous infantry get their full compliment of attack when making supporting attacks as well. Overkill like that just hurts.


Lance Tankmen
24-11-2012, 01:12
good report, sorry to hear about the loss but eh. btw he couldnt heal the wound from the miscast as you cant with lore of life or vampire lore. due to something like this.

1) spell goes through with 6's
2) spell effect
3)lore attribute
4) miscast

immortal git
25-11-2012, 16:10
that ogre list is like 2300 points....

25-11-2012, 21:51
I might have made a mistake with the unit size. The Bulls could well have been running 6x3 making them 18 strong rather than 7x3.

I've worked out as close to the list as I can figure. Both Butcher had two spells. Both unit of Bulls had a Standard bearer and a 5+ save.

Butcher + extra level = 135
Butcher + extra level = 135

18 Bulls + standard bearer and Ironfists = 586
18 Bulls + standard bearer and Ironfists = 586

5 Leadbelchers = 215
5 Leadbelchers = 215

Giant = 200
Stonehorn = 250

= 2322

I don't know if that's correct or not but it seems pretty close. So. Yeah. I suppose I'm a bit bummed out if this was the case as it would have had a large impact on the game. Ogres are already a pretty nasty prospect when they bring along large block of monsterous infantry/cavalry and I don't think they need any points advantage on top of that.



08-12-2012, 17:22
Why go with the character eating spells in the beginning, when against two hordes of ogres purple sun was almost impossible to miss? If you had gotten that irrresistable off on a purple sun instead of spirit leech, then that's basically one less whole unit of ogres to watch out for.

09-12-2012, 10:40
Tough game, and if he brought more points aswell............. Magic is often the best answer to blocks like that, although I like death magic I think shadow is at least just as good when facing of against ogres (although pit might scatter more than Purple sun)

09-12-2012, 12:35
Why go with the character eating spells in the beginning, when against two hordes of ogres purple sun was almost impossible to miss? If you had gotten that irrresistable off on a purple sun instead of spirit leech, then that's basically one less whole unit of ogres to watch out for.

As I was so far away from the Orge unit I really didn't want to pop Purple Sun on the first turn. I felt it was a risk to hurl so many dice at a big spell which could easily fall short and could then end up as big a threat to my redirectors. Ths fact that I then went and rolled a double six for my first spell resulting in half my Seaguard dying and my Archmage coming within a whisker of being sucked into the Relm of Chaos didn't help matters.

My general thinking for my Archmage at the start of the game was to kill off the Beast lore Butcher in the first turn then weaken the Leadbelchers with Soulblight and Doom and Darkness. I'd then let the Ogres get closer then pop a Purple Sun at them on the second turn (I didn't factor in that my redirectors would be so effective at limiting his Bulls unit) As it was I had to modify the plan as I realised that the Stonehorn was going to roll up my left flank so I ended up shifting over to try to deal with him. This problem was compounded by the fact that my shooting completely failed to hurt the Leadbelchers over the first couple of turns. I felt that I had a reasonable chance of forcing a panic check and having them flee (as they were toughness 3, leadership 4) but my rolling was really poor.


09-12-2012, 20:16
I feel that you didn't have nearly enough bodies on the table, even if he was at points, one solid combo charge would have done you in. A big ole block of 50 spearmen would have really held. way too many points in SM and WL for my tastes.

09-12-2012, 23:51
TBH 50 Spearmen probably would have struggled to hold that kind of combined charge. Ogres just win when it comes to large blocks (especialy if they get off the long bomb charges). The D3 impact hits each combined with 3 attacks each (from both ranks) followed by stomps pretty much equals up to about 20 dead Elves (to about 3 dead Ogres). That's completely ignoring the damage the Giant does.

Step up and attacking in multiple ranks really hurts High Elves in 8th ed TBH. The re-roll that ASF gives helps but against monsterous infantry it's cold comfort as the remaining models in the horde can easily throw out enought attacks to maim any HE unit they come across. As lame as it sounds I'm comming to the conclusion that if my opponant fields multiple hordes of monsterous infantry the best way I can deal with it is throwing Pit/Purple Sun/Dwellers at the units while redirecting them to hell and back.


10-12-2012, 12:53
Nice report, tough match though.

Dark Aly
12-12-2012, 18:45
I would've concentrated soulblight on his large block as S/T3 ogres are much better to deal with than killing a few leadbelchers with arrows.

12-12-2012, 22:10
Maybe. The problem I had was needing the Archmage to deal with several threats. He needed to kill the enemy Butchers, help my Archers kill/drive off the Leadbelchers and then combine with my block units to deal with the Bulls. My main concern was that the Leadbelchers would clear off my blocking units allowing him to get both Bulls into my lines at the same time (as it was his shooting was really poor on the night).


13-12-2012, 14:34
Really enjoyed the battle report - thanks! Shame about your luck, particularly on that Stonehorn and rotten about the points miscalculation by your opponent! Hope karma brings round a sufficient reward ;-)

13-12-2012, 23:13
I deserved the Stonehorn mashing. I was relying on rolling well and my opponent not doing that well on his Stonehorn attacks which was a bit silly. Over the years I've observed that these kind of risks never really work for me. I should have just blocked off the Stonehorn and tried to hit the Leadblechers which would have probably worked out a lot better.