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25-11-2012, 11:14
Ok ive been collecting Orks along with my son for about 6 months now and so far we have...


1 Unit Sluggas (30) inc Nob with PK, BP and 3 X Big Shootas (Evil Sunz)
1 Unit Sluggas (30) inc Nob with PK, BP and 3 X Big Shootas (Bad Moonz)
1 Unit Stormboyz (20) Inc Nob with PK and BP (most are conversions with flame trails etc)
1 Unit MANZ (5) - (All custom conversions and mixed Clans)
1 Ghazgul
2 Trukks


1 Unit Shootas (30) inc Nob (Dunno what weapons to give him? + BP) and 3 X Big Shootas (will be painted Death Skulls)
1 Unit Lootas (10) inc 1 X Mek (5 Custom Conversions) (Will be painted Death Skulls Again)
1 Unit Burners (5) - (Need More)
1 Big Mek with KFF
1 Unit Nobz (10) ( 1X BP, 1X Wagh Banner, 2 X combi Burners, 2 X PK, 2 X Slugga/Choppa, rest with Big Choppas) (Getting Painboy Nxt week for this squad)
1 Unit Komandos (15) Inc Nob with PK, BP and 2 X Burners (will be painted as Blood Axes)
1 Unit Ard boyz (12) Inc Nob (Dunno what equipment to give him + BP) (These are gonna be trukk mounted)
3 Ork Trukks

UNITS INC for Xmas

3 X Warbuggys inc from Fleabay
2 Stompas (Weapons?)
1 Unit Killer Kanz (3) (Weapons?)

Anything I should get next?????
Im thinking Deff Dread or Dakka Jets next???
Although I dont play the games (but love collecting) my son plays every sun at GW and faces mainly Vanilla Marines, trying to help him win hehe

Im also working on a scratch built Battle Wagon too

25-11-2012, 11:19
Looks like some more Dreads could indeed help, both small and big. One or two units of Killakans would open up new tactics. As would some flyers.

My main answer is though: keep playing and ask yourself what options you could have needed. After a few games you should have an idea how to expand. It is something the Internet can not answer for you.

25-11-2012, 11:35
If you're trying to help your son win, don't paint any Dread or Killa Kan as long as 6th edition is out there.

The Dakkajet on the other hand is fun to paint *and* to play, while also being quite competitive (though expensive point-wise).

25-11-2012, 11:53
If you're trying to help your son win, don't paint any Dread or Killa Kan as long as 6th edition is out there.

Really? Aww *looks at sig*

25-11-2012, 12:22
It really depends on how they are used. I have trouble using Dreads built for melee. They can usually be safely ignored for the first turn or two during which the other player's anti-tank weapons can focus on other targets. I have trouble taking Dreads with ranged options other than skorchas because the BS2 is hard to justify the cost for so little shooting. They might be worth it if using boys for cover as they move forward then join assaults with the boys. The problem there is if opposing units can't hurt the dreadnought in assault then they can voluntarily leave the combat which pulls them out of combat with the boys too. If they could be used to capture objectives then I could see camping one in the backfield perhaps to help with deepstrikers and outflankers then shuffle onto the objective after the first few turns. Your son could use them that way anyway, but he would still need another unit back there to actually claim the objective.

On the other hand, I really like the Kans with Grotzookas this edition. They are a target from turn one, but I've had many games where if they get just one turn of shooting they can drop quite a few infantry or bikers. The trick with them for me is to present multiple targets as it will usually take at least a turn to get in range for some good shooting. I'll take one or two trucks in a foot list where I have included kans. At least one of the trukks are choppa boys (probably 'ard). If somebody knows your son's melee guys are in the trukk it tends to become a higher priority target than the kans. What's funny is I usually want my choppa boys coming in right behind my shoota boys anyway so it works out in my favour most of the time.

With the updates from the FAQs there is no straight up terrible choice in the Ork codex. Buy what your son likes and chances are he will have fun with it and find a way to make it work. Some things are admittedly easier to use than others, but everything in the codex can work.

25-11-2012, 18:00
In 6th edition, stay away from kans. I have a dozen nicely painted that are shelved this entire edition. Too slow, too low AV, too few HP with a reduced KFF save makes them un-playable in any competitive way.

25-11-2012, 18:46
There are three really effective units for Orks in this 8th edition:
- large shoota mobs (just because you NEED standards) with a boss withOUT PK (too expensive)
- Lootas
- Grot artillery

For sheer cost efficiency, nothing beats the Grot artillery. This can be bought or, better yet, converted out of tons of other stuff with some normal grots (who need their weapons cut and drilled out, though). A fun project.

Another small unit that is fun to convert and can be battlefield effective are tank bustas - 5 only, no boss, but with 3 tankhamma. Put them in a trukk or looted tank for a cheap vehicle buster.

Bikers have some merits in this edition. Build bosses without PKs, since these tend to die too fast for their cost otherwise - and die in challenges wheneve they DO reach cc.

Building a battlewagon (with mortar) and putting lootaz in it sometimes yields interesting results and offers a full unit some protection.

For sheer fun the Mekboy with Snotzogga never failed to surprise me by exploding at the most unlucky moment, or teleporting the unit into the enemy ranks. Sometimes, however, he wreaks havoc.

Small units of Grotz are cheap objective takers and can bother the enemy no end. 40 pts of trouble.

As models of pure orkiness, nothing beats the Deff Dreads, though. A fun to build and paint. Alas, not really effective for the battlefield, but really collectors items.

If your son needs some efficiency, especially for AP2 shots, going for IG allies with a Chimera and veterans with 3 plasma guns would really fill a gap in the Orky list. Perhaps building a Grot army as stand-ins for guardsmen would help keeping the theme.