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Oogie boogie boss
29-11-2012, 12:47
Right now i'm in the midst of building up my SO army, and having great fun doing it too! Currently at about 1,500pts, and aiming to hit 5,000pts by the end of next year. By that point, I'm planning on stopping, as that's enough to get plenty of everything I want in, which gives me enough to choose from to create different lists for smaller games, and i'm hardly ever going to play bigger games than that with my Sorcs alone. At least that's the plan.

Obviously, when I hit that point i'm gonna keep gaming with them as they're awesome and great fun. But i'm already starting to ponder the next project (premature, I know) and i'm torn between two ideas:

The first is to do a Bret-themed VC army. I'm thinking lots of zombie peasants and skeletal men-at-arms, backed up by the remnants of the knightly forces in the form of Black Knights and Blood Knights, led by Vampiric nobility. I want to avoid the more 'monstrous' units, though I will probably take some etheral units. Or.....

A balanced Empire force, themed around an Ostermark state army. Ideally big blocks of Halberdiers with Handgunner detachments, artillery support in the form of cannons and mortars, a big unit of Greatswords and a couple of units of Osterknacht (Purple Knights!).

I just can't decide which I like the thought of more though. I like the 'combined arms' feel of the Empire, as well as the discipline of the troops (which will make a change after SO!), as well as the livery-style paint scheme. I also like the idea of a balanced force than can reasonably play in any style, be it aggressive or defensive.

On the other hand, I like the idea of the nobility of a Bretonnian town being turned to Vampirism, and then wiping out and resurrecting the entire population. I also like the thought of all the conversion possibilities.

So, though this is still a long way off as a project, what do people think? Which way would you lean? :confused:

29-11-2012, 15:35
It wouldn't let me vote for some reason, so I vote for Ostermark. I've seen the undead brets army a few times and although I don't dislike it, I don't think I've seen an Ostermark army before. Large Empire armies always look cool on the tabletop.

Oogie boogie boss
29-11-2012, 17:43
Hmmm, don't know why that poll won't work. Must've entered the duration incorrectly. Oh well, cheers for the imput. I do really like the idea of the look of the Ostermark army, and it'll be nice to be able to play with some artillery and Battle Lore magic for a change (my previous army was a Mors style Skaven, so lot's of clanrats, no warp-lightning cannon and a fixed magic lore slectionand my current army is Sorcs, so no artillery and again a fixed lore choice).

However I really like the conversion possibilities for the VC, and i'm tempted by the 'shambling horde' look as well. Competitiveness is secondary as a priority to theme and look of the army, though obviously I do want a force which can win games. I think the Empire list will probably be more effective, as the VC army will lack some of the punchy monsters, but I think the theme is a tad more interesting.

Tough call.....

29-11-2012, 18:48
The only true answer to this question is, as always, which would you prefer to do?

If you really can't choose then the best bet is to flip a coin. Then when you get annoyed with said army you only have Lady Luck to blame, and not Bob Q. WarSeer.

Oogie boogie boss
29-11-2012, 18:51
I've never met him....

29-11-2012, 22:57
The first is to do a Bret-themed VC army. I'm thinking lots of zombie peasants and skeletal men-at-arms, backed up by the remnants of the knightly forces in the form of Black Knights and Blood Knights, led by Vampiric nobility. I want to avoid the more 'monstrous' units, though I will probably take some etheral units. Or.....

Avoiding the bestial units isn't hard to do. There's perfectly good non-bestial units in every slot. Skeletons and Dire Wolves (use Fenrisian Wolves to make them more representative of hunting dogs) as your core, Grave Guard and Black Knights as your Special, Blood Knights, Black Coaches and Wraiths as Rare. Heroes made up of Vampires, Wights, Necromancers, Wraiths and Banshees. Perfectly viable.

Oogie boogie boss
30-11-2012, 10:17
I've heard a lot of people saying that going for the 'shambling horde' approach isn't that great, and that you need the Vargheists, varghulfs, crypt horrors and the like for punch. How do blood knights, black knights and grave guard compare?

Oogie boogie boss
30-11-2012, 12:35
Should point out, never played either with or against VC, they don't come up much in my meta.

30-11-2012, 15:52
Well, I don't know all that much, but I know Vargheists don't like when the nice tasty mage they wanted to eat goes and becomes a dragon instead ;) More seriously... the knights seem quite serviceable at least from the recieving end, as do grave guard (or anything with a Vampire in it...). The big thing the Vargheist/Varghulf appear to bring is mobility... for undead-brets you could probably do 'gheists up as pegs who ate their knights (or maybe knights who ate their pegs O_O ) to get access to, well, the kind of thing you might use peg knights for in a Bret army... and the rest... none of the monstrous stuff seems like it's "must have" to be able to win, it's just that a lot of it is quite good and a lot of people consider it "better" than some of the more mundane units.

If I were finishing up something like orc savages though, I'd probably want to go with the Empire idea just for a change of pace both in playstyle (which VCs would certainly be as well) and in painting style (Which again VCs could also be but the Empire strike me as most likely to be most different... all in their uniforms that at least would look like they *had* been neat and tidy at one point, rather than "tattered from savagery" vs. "tattered from undead always seeming to want to be tattered").

Oogie boogie boss
05-12-2012, 18:05
Hmmm, the Empire is starting to appeal. After 5,000pts of skin, fur, bone and stone I reckon it'll be fun to paint some metal! Though an idea popped into my mind the other day which has planted itself somewhat- a dedicated Nurgle WoC force! Lot's of rusted armour, cool looking conversion possibilities and more quite different from sorcs. Plus they'd be much quicker and cheaper to collect. Only downside is the lack of artillery, as I don't like Hellcannons (and they wouldn't fit in to a Nurgle theme). But then, VC don't have artillery either!