View Full Version : How many attacks do chariots and infantry get when they are flanked?

30-11-2012, 22:12
Hi, I have a game in an hour and last time my opponent said infantry and chariots only get a single attack if they're flanked. Also would character models get their full amount of attacks if they're flanked and within a horde?

I did a quick glance at the rulebook but I'm having trouble finding it, I know chariots suffer greatly when flanked but wasn't sure about infantry models.

Thanks and Happy Friday!

30-11-2012, 22:35
First off, your opponent has to be able to prove these rules. (he can't they don't exist)

There appears to be some confusion as to what supporting attacks do, I suggest you find the rules for them.
Also check the rules for Chariots, it explains how they fight.

30-11-2012, 22:41
The standard rules for attacking specify you attack enemies in base contact and that you have a number of attacks based on your attack characteristic (BRB page 48).

Supporting attacks are a special case provided for a model behind a model in base contact with an enemy and limited to 1 attack (BRB page 48-49). Monstrous Infantry and Monstrous Cavalry are capped at 3 supporting attacks instead of 1 (BRB page 81 and BRB FAQ).

Supporting attacks may only be made to the front, not the side or rear. You may not make supporting attacks if you are in base to base with an enemy (BRB page 49).

A Chariot's Crew fights as normal to anything in base to base, but the beasts may only attack enemies to the front (BRB page 86).

So to answer your specific question: In short, the only restriction from being flanked, for infantry, is that they lose Parry Saves to the attacks from the flank (since you can only parry attacks from the front) and that you may not make supporting attacks; you fight as normal with enemies in base to base. Chariots fight as normal as well except the beasts would not be able to attack a flanking enemy as they may only attack enemies to the front.