View Full Version : Do I do my own Undivided warband or a mono khorne one?

01-12-2012, 07:53
So ehy guys I was painting up one of my termies last night in my khorne colour scheme (white armour with blue trim) and I was thinking to myself should I do either a homebrew undivided Chaos Space Marine warband or a Mono Khorne one. Now I like the idea of both but I cannot decided which one. One way im looking at it is if I doi undivided I can include anything in the army and so dont have to stick to a certain mark (just as long as theres more undivided units than divided units) however if I do the khorne one it pretty much kinda sucks cause the mark of khorne while is great denies me certain things (psykers other cult troops than bezerkers) and also I found the khorne force played too assaulty for my liking,. I generally like to play a balanced playstyle with around 50% of my army being shooty and 50% being close combat/ tough objective holders. So which one should I do?

01-12-2012, 10:21
If your scheme is white and blue as opposed to being blatantly obvious your khorne with bright red just do your whole army like that, including a sorcerer.
And make sure you have plenty of spare champions with the back pack banners if either khorne or undivided and just swap them round between games. It also means your vehicles will match your theme when you can't even choose to mark them.

01-12-2012, 10:24
That is a good idea I dont know why I didnt think of that lol

02-12-2012, 17:00
You could also do a Khorne themed army where not every unit is ruleswise Khornate - though you of course would have a hard time justifying sorceres. I don't like how Khorne is basically about "hitting things with chainaxes" - though a personal kill is a bit more honorable than a ranged one, I don't think ranged troops wouldn't be able to worship and get attention from Khorne.

03-12-2012, 13:00
I do have ranged troops on my khorne list :p its just for example I have some plague marine models but cant use them in the khorne army as they cant take mark of nurgle at all :3

03-12-2012, 17:39
So which one should I do?

Simple. This one:

...I found the khorne force played too assaulty for my liking,. I generally like to play a balanced playstyle with around 50% of my army being shooty and 50% being close combat/ tough objective holders.

That's what you'd prefer, and there is ZERO rules that say your warband all have to be from the same Legion or even all wear the same colors. I would recommend being consistent across individual units, though, and having a little something or other to bind the army together, like a shoulder pad, helmet color, banner, just something.

03-12-2012, 19:31
Yeah it's important to note that there's no such thing as a Khorne paint scheme, that I'm aware of, so you can paint them however you like and mark them however you like as well. If you like Khorne and you are already painting white and blue, I have to assume that you were starting a World-Eaters army. It's perfectly acceptable to say that you're fielding a small contingent of that legion that was, say, lost in the warp at the beginning of the heresy, just as the legion as a whole started to turn to Khorne worship. If you want to make it fluffy, just give every marine a ccw to represent the chapter's traditional love of close combat, and give a few units here and there the MoK to represent those that turned fully to chaos worship. That way, you can still take unmarked troops and sorcerers as you like and still have the close-combat troops that the MoK favors, all while getting the morale benefits and nerd-praise that comes with being a fluff-bunny.

Also, there's no one to say that the Black Legion is the only warband out there that incorporates cult troops of different gods, so just create a renegade warband and field and paint whatever you like.

03-12-2012, 23:00
give the sorcerer biomancy (its available to csm right?) and call him a blood priest, invoking the blessing of khorne on your own troops.