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01-12-2012, 17:29
Hello Warseer! I’ve been building a samurai orks army over the past couple of weeks over at Dakka Dakka, but apparently most of the people at my FLGS are over here. So I’m simulcasting this blog over here as well. The next couple of posts will be a summary of what I’ve been doing, in both fluff and models. Here’s what to expect in the coming info dump:
1. Dramatis Personae (the characters in the fluff, with their models when possible)
2. The basic design ideas (it’s pretty consistent in this army)
3. Paint scheme and important models that are not characters
If you want to see the whole enchilada over at Dakka you can find it here:http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/474181.page

I'll get working on the info dump right away, so watch this space :)

01-12-2012, 22:13
You've got youself a really cool idea here, I'll be watching this space :)

02-12-2012, 11:49
hey sorry it's taking me so long to write the intro, I'm kind of getting side tracked on building a mega bomber instead of writing the summary. I'll try to have it done some time this morning.

EDIT: hey still having trouble writing this, mostly because I'm having trouble sumaraizing the characters. I'm trying to keep it brief, but I just can't help but write like a page for each character. I need to converse with my writing buddy to figure out what I should do.

02-12-2012, 13:44
alright got the character sheet:
Dramatis Personae
Orka Nobzunaga: the Shogun, an ork created by a secret project.

Kari Atreus: his adopted sister, was once human, but changed into a half ork by a mutagen.

Hippocrates “Doc” Atreus: Orka and Kari’s brother, the chief doctor.

Takashi: a disgraced samurai and lover of Kari’s, also turned into a half ork by mutagen.

Momotaro Nobzunaga: Orka’s firstborn son, raised by humans, leader of the eight thunders brigade.

Sakura Yamamoto: granddaughter of the last human shogun, she was implanted with a mutagen gland by her father. In the process of becoming a half ork. Lover of Momotaro.

Haruto Yamamoto: Sakura’s brother, kidnapped by a stormboy mob where his mutagen gland activated. Deposed their leader and took control.

Hera: an expert in orks, she is the strategic brains behind orka’s tactical genius. Lover of Orka.

Kommander Kong: Momotaro’s best tank commander. Currently stuck behind enemy lines with Trowa.

Trowa: a mysterious yoof who seems to have a knack with mechanical devices. Currently traveling with Kommander Kong.

lilith: well you'll just have to wait and see who she is.

02-12-2012, 14:53
hey everyone, just wanted to take a break from the intro to show you what I've been working on:
this is my battle fortress I call Great A'tuin. this particular shot is of its supa kannon.
and this is a shot of it before I mounted the gun on it.
next up is the mega bomber, which still needs for some glue to dry. I'll post it soon.

02-12-2012, 17:36
hey all, got some photos of the bomber:
I plan to replace the messy armor plates in the middle with something more like the nose plates. hope you enjoy :)

02-12-2012, 18:10
Really inventive storyline and theme for these guys. I like these guys' armour and helmets.
Also, I can see why you're using blades for powerfists: Shinken (i.e. blades for combat in the martial art of Iaido) are ferociously sharp...just the weight of Earth's gravity means that they cut through materials like thick corrugated card packaging without resistance. The weakling tanks of the Imperium can't offer much protection against such steel (especially not when wielded by such powerful greenskin Xenos as these guys)!
I'm looking forwards to seeing how this army comes along.

02-12-2012, 18:39
actually the Dakkatanas are a jab at all those so called "sword aficionados" that get a cheap mass produced Chinese made samurai sword and treat it like it's something special. in reality a Dakkatana is nothing but three pieces of metal hammered together haphazardly, and are actually fairly blunt. it is the ork's supreme belief that their Dakkatanas can cut through anything that allows them to do such. in reality it doesn't matter how well the sword is made a slashing weapon can't cut through tank armor, it's just physics.

02-12-2012, 22:14
alright I've got an update:
I've put some more plates on the bomber that I scavenged from some broken parts from the crawler.

here's the grabber trukk I showed on the other blog. now it's got a gun, tracks and some seats in the back. also I've got some rules for it: it's a scrap trukk from IA8.

now on to something I'm sure you've been waiting for: PAINT!
I've got some initial paint on the first dakkajet, I'm painting the main body the main blue color, and he armor plates, and steering veins will be gunmetal.

here's what's on my painting table: my first mob of thirty boyz, there's going to be at least three more where that came from, one already undercoated, the others I don't have yet, but I will soon.

also if you've followed my fluff over at the other blog you know Kong and Trowa are stuck behind enemy lines and need an extract.well they're not getting it tomorrow, but they will be having a very strange experience that relates to the character Lilith in the character list. just FYI if you follow both blogs you should know Lilith has been introduced into the storyline already, but she hasn't had more than a few lines of dialog yet.

03-12-2012, 12:45
alright here's the fluff, and I lied, Kong and Trowa will be getting an extract today.
Trowa and Kong ducked between the shadows of the former capitol making sure not to be spotted by the imperial patrols. As they neared the edge of the ruins they heard the sound of a woman sobbing. “sounds like some umie in trouble.” Kong said.
“we should investigate.” Trowa responded.
“aw Gork no, it’z probably a trap!” Kong protested.
“well then use your slugga and cover me.” Trowa replied. Trowa darted off towards the sound of the crying woman. Kong sighed before following him. The sound led to a ruined shrine on the edge of the city. Sitting on the steps of the shrine was a young ork woman with her head in her hands. “she looks like she needs help.” Trowa said. he moved to go towards the woman, but Kong held him back.
“Look closa ya yoof!” he pointed at the woman. “she don’t cast no shadow.” Sure enough, even though the woman was silhouetted by a fire from inside the shrine, she cast no shadow. Kong drew his slugga and fired a burst of shots at the woman, which passed right though her like she was made of mist.
She raised her head from her hands and looked around. “is someone there?” she asked. Her tone became a pitiful cry. “if someone’s there stop taunting me, I’ve suffered enough without my dreams taunting me too.”
Trowa emerged from their hiding place. “what do you mean your dreams? This isn’t a dream.” The woman got up and ran at him with arms outstretched. Kong fired another burst of fire at her, but it was no good. She tried to hug Trowa, but she passed right through him.
The next few minutes were tense as the two orks introduced themselves to the woman, and she invited them inside the shrine. There the three of them sat around the fire. The woman introduced herself as Lilith, and that aside from that she knew nothing about herself. That night as Kong and Trowa slept Lilith sat up and watched them.
Sometime late at night Trowa felt something cold seemingly trying to tap him on the shoulder. “Trowa wake up.” it was Lilith. “your vox thing is talking.” Trowa had looted a functional vox transmitter and receiver from the crashed Valkyrie, and now it hummed to life broadcasting a signal on the frequency Kong had told him to tune it to.
“this is Raidin the Lightning calling Kommander Kong, Kommander Kong if you are listening please respond.” Trowa grabbed the microphone.
“this is Trowa, Kong is safe with me. can you provide an evac?”
“if Kong is safe why isn’t he responding?” the vox asked.
“because he’s asleep. We have three for evac, our co-ordinates are a shrine on the edge of the capitol. How soon can you be here?”
“we’re dispatching a team to get you now. They’ll be at your position shortly.”
“you hear that Lilith?” Trowa asked, but Lilith was nowhere to be seen.

We now continue where we left off:
“wake her up.” the inquisitor ordered. Acolyte Murthus approached his lord.
“sir, you asked to be notified if the subject began to give off psychic signals. Well she did during the current period of suspended animation.”
“perfect!” the inquisitor exclaimed. “she’s ready, wake her up, let her out, and move her up to the programing department.” The tech priests punched a few buttons and the hissing sound came from the tube again. Then a seam appeared on the side and the front of the tube swung open revealing Lilith with a feeding tube shoved down her throat, and an IV to administer the mutagen. Her eyes shot open, and she panicked as she saw for the first time the tube sticking down her throat. The leather restraints mainly designed to hold her steady were snapped by her new ork strength as she pulled the tube out of her mouth, gagging several times on it. she fell on her hands and knees as she vomited up the nutrient gruel that she had been fed for so long. The inquisitor stood over her and examined her. “perfect,” he said to himself. “once you’re properly programed the warboss will be unable to resist your charm, and you will lead him to his doom.” He turned to Assassin Zanta. “help her over to the warp heads for her programing. I want her to be a modern day Cleopatra.” It was unlikely Zanta was well versed in terran mythology, but the inquisitor used the analogy all the same.
Zanta had one of her goons throw Lilith over his shoulder and they walked out of the lab and across the courtyard to where they kept the psykers.
Above the complex a warcopter was flying. It had a special mission: to retrieve Kommander Kong and whoever the other two traveling with him were. For some reason the copter had been loaded with a pair of bombs. There was no reason for a evac copter to be loaded with bombs, but it was, and the pilot was not going to let good ordinance go to waste. As they flew over the complex the grot nose gunner pointed to a pair of humans carrying what looked to be a very emaciated ork. “bet ya can’t hit that one!” the grot taunted.
“oh yea? I betz I can!” the pilot triggered the release on the bombs and dropped both of them on the group.
Down below Lilith heard the sound of the bombs before anyone else with her pointy ork ears. In that moment her assassin training too hard wired to be erased even with a mind wipe took over, and she slid out of the goon’s grasp using her slippery body which was still coated in the suspended animation fluid. In a daze and acting on instinct she dove for the nearest cover, an old well in the middle of the courtyard. A few second later Zanta heard the bombs as well, and leapt for the ground to offer what cover it could. The bombs fell right behind the goon, obliterating him in a fiery burst of shrapnel, and knocking Zanta unconscious from the shockwave. Lilith was unharmed, saved by the well. still acting on her subconscious training Lilith took the opportunity to pilfer Zanta’s data pad before running as fast as she could as far away as she could. As she ran down the ruined streets she began to recognize some of them from her dreams. Could it be possible her dreams were real? Could it be possible that Trowa was real? She sped towards the shrine and hoped she wasn’t too late to join them on their evac shuttle.

05-12-2012, 01:45
hello all, it's been awhile since I updated this, and I've got another super heavy vehicle in progress: a kill krusha tank:
if you've ever played Advanced Wars before you may recognize this shape as that of a yellow comet light tank, and with Yellow Comet being very Japanese inspired I figured one of their tanks would fit right in. also I've got a group of five stormboyz I'm working on right now, but I don't think I'll be able to get pictures of them tonight.

05-12-2012, 21:51
I've got some more stuff done today, no fluff this time because I woke up late this morning, but I've got five stormboyz and a mega dread to show you:
that's all I've got right now, maybe I'll have a meka dread done tonight, but no promises.

06-01-2013, 00:34
Man I haven't been updating this, but here's what I've got since the last update:
this is a group of bikers I made, one basic biker, a nob, and a painboy.

this is a custom big gun I made based on a design by Comradepanda over on dakka.

this is a group of airborne nobz.

06-01-2013, 00:39
Report to the Inquistor:
my lord, while most ork attacks have subsided there is one group with which I believe we should be concerned. they are a group of what the xenos call "the cult of speed" who are devoted to attacking from the sky in the dark of night on locations far from the front lines. to the uninformed guard commanders these attacks seem to be unrelated, however all the locations attacked have been locations where we have positioned research outposts, as well as locations where Vanus agents have been stationed. we have little information on their internal structure as the multiple callidus assassins we have sent to infiltrate them have had their bodies left behind during their raids shot by imperial weapons.only one survived long enough to identify their leader before succumbing to her wounds.
http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2012/12/20/443625_md-the%20white%20phantom%20%28Prince%20Yamamoto%29.JP G
the leader has been identified as an ork known as "the white phantom" who appears to suffer from monomania. he believes that he is the dead human prince of this planet Haruto Yamamoto. his known for wearing the mask of a demon from the local style of theater with a red face and a stark white wig. it is advised that his death be a priority if the situation presents itself.

also as a side note: some of the men have gotten word of a local holiday known as the Feast of Saint Cristos, and with the lessened threat of ork attack they are demanding to celebrate the holiday. even the commissars are demanding that any emperor fearing guardsman be allowed to spend the day in worship and celebration. forgive me for stepping out of place, but I believe it would be disasterous for morale if the men's requests are not met. we could be dealing with a full scale mutiny if we do not give them this day to renew their devotion to the god emperor.

response from the inquisitor: request denied, the diviners are giving grave warnings about that date.as of this moment any guardsman caught attempting to be festive will be executed on the spot, and the rest of his unit will be devastated.

to: Archimedes
from: the wrench wench mek shop
nature: requisition of basic gear for Helljumper unit
hi Brains,
we've been testing different gear load outs for the Helljumper unit, and I think we've finally worked out a basic load out:
the basic load out includes the standard issue clothes and leg guards, but the helmet was restricting vision too much for the unit to fire effectively at speed. we've also added a backpack to carry extra logistical supplies needed for operating behind enemy lines. please forward the design to Haruto for final approval.

and more fluff:
Orka had gathered his family in the briefing room to plan for the coming offensive. “alright, the data pad obtained by Miss. Lilith put a name to our enemy: Inquisitor Kryptman. As to what he plans to do, well I will leave that to Lilith as she has first-hand knowledge of his plans.”
Lilith rose from her seat. Her sythskin glove had become worn over the past few weeks as she had no real way to repair it, and with the innocent look on her face she looked like some kind of hive urchin. “thank you, the inquisitor is a big fan of the emperor’s tarot and divination in general. He believes that an ork waaagh is going to start here that will destroy this sector, and his plan was to use me as a seductress to lure Mr. Nobzunaga into a trap. Now that I’m out of his grasp I think he will try to use some other young woman instead.”
Momotaro interjected. “so that explains why we’ve had reports of imperial guardsmen rounding up all the women in a town and taking them away?.”
“yes,” doc replied. “the mutagen used on Lilith was a crude version with inconsistent results. It is likely that only one in a thousand of his test subjects will be successful.”
“and what happens to the others?” Sakura asked.
“if they’re lucky, they die quickly, but we’ve received reports of what are being called weresquigs. Subjects that devolve into humanoid squigs. Others become various types of fungus in a slow but believed to be very painful process. All and all not pretty. We’ve sent the helljumpers to liberate the locations the women are being held at when we find them. That’s actually where Haruto is right now.”

Haruto surveyed the processing facility with his binoculars. This was the last camp she could be in, the last place they could be keeping her. if she wasn’t here she was already dead. He promised her father he would save her, just like she had saved him so many long years ago. “don’t worry Motoko I’m coming!”

and here's a group shot of some stuff:

06-01-2013, 00:42
still working on the updates:
here's the boss copter.

and here's a group shot of all the infantry:

and here's a shot of all the vehicles:

06-01-2013, 00:43
alright we're getting to the end:
these are the lawbringers, the MPs of the army, as well as specialists at breaching.
this is the WIP concept for a trench fighter unit, I haven't quite figured out the head yet though.
this is a WIP of a unit I'm calling the "bushwhackers" specialists at fighting in heavy undergrowth.

06-01-2013, 00:45
alright here's the last of it:
Cadmus, we've received a message from an ork claiming to be your son. he's in trouble, and he needs our help. here's a vox message we received from him:
this message is for Orka Nobzunaga, I don't have long to talk so I hope you're listening. the imperium is holding me in a prison they call "carnival corpse" that's not the problem. the problem is that I'm being persuted by a human woman who seems to be able to use her blood as a weapon. my guards call her the "wicked egg" and she seems to try and kill anyone who tries to be anything to me. she's already killed the mob that took me in after I came out of my spore pod, and since I've been imprisoned here she's showed up and killed any other prisoners who even try and talk to me. now I hear talk of the Wicked Egg coming after you, and I want you to kill her. springing me from this prison is secondary. I've got to go now, please, when the Wicked Egg comes for you, kill her.
we've verified his story from some vox chatter about this "Wicked Egg". from what we can tell she's a bio-engineered assassin of indeterminate origin. a pic of her has been attached. also this son of yours has told us that many of the prisoners at this "carnival corpse" were not born orks. apparently a rogue trader ship had it's water purifier contaminated with mutagen, turning the entire crew into orks. I think this presents an opportunity, that ship had to have a navigator, and I think that now that that navigator is an ork he or she would be quite willing to help us get off this rock and start chasing our target. I'll leave this to your consideration.

08-01-2013, 13:04
more updates:
Trowa's deff dread has a KFF array now:

also I have a 'ard boy with a riot shield for his heavy armor:

I've also got one last thing: a bit of fluff:

Medical Report on Patient: Shiro Doe
On first examination patient appears human, but on closer examination patient is actually an ork. Believe that subject was exposed to mutagen. Externally subject appears as a wane albino female estimated age: late teens early twenties. Note: subject has a number of surgical scars, and further examination concludes that someone has been repeatedly vivisecting her. Also of note: what initially appeared to be an open horizontal cut on patient’s forehead is actually an eyelid for her third eye, patient is a navigator. I gave her a surgical mask to place over said third eye for my own safety. Also of note: patient’s teeth are a mess, believed cause: constant ingestion of sucrose based diet. In lay terms: this girl has a sweet tooth the likes of which I’ve never seen.
Psychological report: subject is extremely broken psychologically; her mind has fractured in two. The first personality is that of a very innocent girl, known as Shiro. The second is the assassin “wretched egg” who can be activated by a specific cadence of images we found in her mask. To the best of my abilities I am attempting to merge the personalities: a being having Shiro’s compassion, but Wretched Egg’s ability. Have ordered subject to attend counseling with me on a daily basis until personalities have merged.

also I'm going to get to work on some counts as allies as my next little project, and I have some counts as Tau to show you in my next post.

08-01-2013, 13:10
alright here's the counts as tau, with introductory fluff:
On the runway of the Mt. Jirya airbase Nitzit made his way out onto the tarmac where his scout plane waited. He had his pressure suit on so he was not affected by the chill at the top of the mountain like the shivering flight crew. Across the airbase Nitzit could see a group of warcoptas making a landing, and the unmistakable form of the White Phantom carrying a woman in his arms. “Oi, what’s wif him?” he asked the grot fuel attendant.
“oh dat’s ‘is girl I bet. Imps were keeping her captive, and da helljumpaz been searching fer her. ‘e’s probably taken ‘er to Doc right now.” Nitzit climbed into his cockpit and flipped on his vox.
“dis is Squig Eye Six reportin’ in. what needs peekin’ at?” he said into his helmet’s vox.
“Squig Eye, this is the Shogun, your target is a containment facility three clicks north of the capitol. Get me info on what their defenses look like.”
“dat’s way behind da lines, how you plan on assaultin’ dat?” ever since the Cristos Day offensive the lines had solidified, everything in the lower islands belonged to the orks, but about fifty miles north of Mt. Jirya was where the lines had remained deadlocked in constant trench warfare, with both sides using air power to penetrate the lines and launch targeted operations.
“that’s none of your concern Squig Eye, just give the facility a couple of flybys. I’ll be watching your camera feed in my office, so don’t screw this up. Now Squig Eye Six, you are cleared for launch, you have the sky.”
“roger dat boss, my sky!” Nitzit activated his thrusters and went screaming off the runway and into the sky. The scout planes flew almost to the edge of the planet’s atmosphere, the imperial sensor arrays would not see him.
A few hours later Orka sat in his office controlling the camera on the bottom of Squig Eye Six’s scout plane. As the plane circled the facility Orka sipped his tea and studied the defenses. They seemed to be built on the idea that orks could only engage effectively at close range, they didn’t know how wrong they were. It was time to activate the dakka boyz.
In a bunker deep under Mt. Jirya a series of cryo tubes activated and began the defrost process of one of the four specialist units that had been specially made as part of the project that created Orka and his family. Within a day the Dakka boyz would be fully defrosted and ready for action. all their gear would be waiting for them when they were thawed out, and they would certainly chomping at the bit to fight after their long sleep.

here's the counts as Tau: Da Dakka Boyz:
this is a counts as fire warrior with pulse rifle.

this is either a pathfinder with a pulse carbine or a fire warrior squad leader with a pulse carbine and markerlight, I'm not sure yet.

and this is a pathfinder with a rail rifle.

next up I'm thinking of making some counts as necrons: Da Robo Boyz.

09-01-2013, 08:57
counts as tau! are orks not a wee bit too beefy for the nampy pampy combat style of tau firewarriors?

EDIT: however - 'ard boyz dressed as riot police/ arbites / dredd = a truly brilliant idea

09-01-2013, 13:24
yes a regular ork would be a bit too beefy for Tau, but these are special orks. they've been genetically modified to be better as shooting, but as a side effect their muscle density is reduced, and as a result of their dakka focused training they are not as good at close combat. also I've got some of the counts as immortals done:
I'm currently working on the leaders of the robo-boyz, who just happen to be inspired by Master Chief and Cortana from Halo. I'll get writing their intro fluff right now.

09-01-2013, 16:19
here's the leaders of the robo boyz: Legion and Sister Amata:
their basic story is that he is doc's son who was mortally wounded, and the only way to save him was to place him in stasis while nano machines healed him. she is a former sister of battle who was forced out after she fell in love with him due to his pure heart (she has an ability that's somewhere in the dark heresy books where she can see into people's hearts, this is scorned by the SoBs so she was already on thin ice with her superiors who's hearts were much less than pure) the star crossed lovers were cornered and filled full of bolter fire, and they were barely alive when they were found by the orks. they were both placed in suspended animation until they could be healed. an accident caused them to be unable to be woken up at the correct time, but the trigger that awakened the dakka boyz also triggered their cryo pods. that's the short version, the long version I'm having trouble with.

in other news I also have some counts as broadside battle suits made from killa kans:
the first one is the basic version, and the second incomplete one is the squad leader variant.

10-01-2013, 14:21
I've got something that i think anyone who likes Star Wars is going to like:
this is my counts as Tau commander. I based the design of his walker on the AT-RT from the Clone Wars.

also I've got a counts as lancetek to show you:
he still needs some armor, but next up I'm working on some counts as lychguard made from some terminators and some boyz, so stay tuned.

12-01-2013, 21:46
today I have the counts as devilfish to show you:
it's made from a storm talon and a lot of pasticard. this will be the basis for all devilfish chassis vehicles.

14-01-2013, 10:11
looking good. Rear hatch needs a big glyph or something

14-01-2013, 11:27
See that's why I post this stuff, I would have never thought to put a glyph on the door, but it's a brilliant idea. Thanks Maddoctor :)