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Lance Tankmen
01-12-2012, 20:55
I just started dark elves over beastmen recently, and from black friday purchased my 1500 dark elf army.i intend to post a painting blog of this army too. I VS TK, VC, Empire, LM,Dwarfs and DoC/WoC but all of them are pretty limited on builds save for the VC
Dreadlord Roenyles
Repeater Handbow,Sea Dragon Cloak,Shield, Dragonbane Gem,Armor of Eternal Servitude,Giant Blade
The Lord on Dragon kit is what got me to play dark elves, so i bought bits off of ebay to make a lord on foot. I havent used regen in any army but since other trickster shard doesnt work on it im hoping to see good luck with it. he only has a 3+/4+ so hes not a big duelist but at S7 4A he can hurt.i really like this build because i rarely see the big 60 point swords in lists.

Master Merric
Battle Standard, Repeater Handbow,Armour of darkness,Soulrender,Luckstone
im not sure if BSB are needed in every army but better safe than sorry, hes got a 1+ AS one time reroll and a magic weapon

Sorceress Rashna
Lore of Dark Magic,level 2 wizard,Tome of Furion
Cost:150ive never been a huge fan of magic, too fickle, but too powerful to ignore. as for the lore, i liked the spells and theres only 6 so i have a 50/50 getting the ones i want as my wizard gets an extra spell

Assassin Nekso
Black Lotus,Additional Hand Weapon,Touch of Death,Rune of Khaine
So Assassins drew me in too, and the thought of a model popping up and doing 5-7 Attacks with posion and killing blow to an enemy character i dont want there sounds awesome, i know the killing blow posion kind of hurt one another as i lose chances to killing blow but he lacks strength to remove armour, sadly its clear where hes hidden...

Dark elf repeater Crossbows X12
I know Full Command isnt the best on ranged units but i did it on my peasant archers in my bret army and they have killed spirit hosts thanks to the banner alone, and lucky light armour saves. hence the Shields for a 5+/6+ in combat

Dark elf Warriors X32
This will be where i place all my characters as my only block 5x6 , with the lord,BSB and Full command pushing the wizard to the 2nd rank and safe from combat.Assassin goes here.

Cold one Knights X5
Gleaming pendent
sword of might
i love the cold one models, i plan to get another ten in the future, for now they are just a minor flank unit/fear, my gaming group is all new(like me)maybe they will see them as a lot stronger than they are cause they are riding dinosaurs?The Sword of might again beacause Spirit hosts.

War Hydra
i feel bad about using this guy but i love the model and its the first i bought for the 6 lore of beast spell. im not entirely conviced he can only be killed by flaming banner since i dont know how to do the math hammer thing, but he will come up againest most likely Grave guard and a Warshpinx.

So this is my 1500 i dont think its super hardcore but maybe im not the best judge? but i dont want to be a pushover.

02-12-2012, 22:40
Interesting list. From a competitve standpoint, I think you are overloaded on lords/heroes choices in a 1500 p list. I would drop the Dreadlord and get a unit of Corsairs with the frenzy banner instead. Give the warrior unit the standard of discipline to give your sorceress (now general) a LD 9 bubble with a reroll. You could also get the Lifetaker crossbow for your sorceress to take on ethereals instead of the sword of might on the CoK champion, it's also more versatile. I don't know how "magicky" your opponents are, but a list without a Dispel Scroll makes me a little nervous. If you want to run an assassin, I would personally take him with Rending stars and Manbane. That gives you strength 6/7 with 2+ to hit no matter what. Excellent for taking out monsters, chaff and characters on their own. Hide him in a unit of shades to give him a chance to throw at whatever you want.

You do not have any re-directors, i.e. harpies or other chaff. They are excellent for either war-machine hunting or re-directing and are quite cheap.

Overall, I think you lack combat units, hence the suggestion of adding Corsairs. If your hydra dies early (which tends to happen a lot) you really only have the anvil in your warriors against your enemies entire army.

Lance Tankmen
03-12-2012, 07:44
thanks for the reply, tbh i cant really change the list as this is what i have bought, i intend to buy most every model you mentioned but in due time(maybe harpies). also no one really goes over a level 2-3 because we do random match pre set lists and the dwarf is super anti magic so it scares any one from banking on it.

i always overload on characters... bad habit actually. As for the dread lord well hes the main reason i love the army plus he should survive as long if not better than the hydra. which i forgot to mention no one takes the flaming banner in my friend group. i plan on getting corsairs latter and swapping em out.

as to my lack of combat blocks, i saw that and i know its a huge problem but its not just an anvil as its also got all my characters in it so its also my hammer ;).