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Lord Greyskull
02-12-2012, 16:12
When I build an army list I usually pick units that are useful or that have models I like. I know some people don't think the carnifex is worth the points and maybe so, but I like the model. My idea is to drop one in a mycetic spore behind enemy lines. It won't be alone, there will be other reserves joining it. There are 2 different builds I was thinking of doing.

1-scything talons, crushing claws and bio-plasma

2-scything talons,twin linked devourers and bio-plasma

I'd appreciate any experienced Tyranid players thoughts.

02-12-2012, 16:42
A carnifex can do a job, personally though I still feel they die a bit easy so if I was to pod one in I would go with either

1: Basic fex no upgrades

2: 2x twin linked devourers

Preference to the 2x twin linked devourers and try to get it in a vehicles rear armour.

It expensive for what it does but is 10pts cheaper than a Trygon Prime with higher strength shots and twin linked

02-12-2012, 16:51
I've been on the receiving of a dropped carnifex, and they are nasty. The twin linked Devourers has shredded my Guard artillery bases more than once, and generally makes a mess of whatever squad of Chaos Marines it drops in next to. They become even better when used in conjunction with a Trygon or other deep striking units, which forces your opponent to choose which one to focus on. Some armies can handle it better than others, to be sure, but that's also time not spent shooting Tervigons or Tyrants.

03-12-2012, 15:22
I actually run a brood of 2 in my list, with 2x brain leech devourers, adrenal glands (for S10 on the charge), and frag spines (had the extra points, and lets them swing before power fists).

They are joined by a tyranid prime with lw & bs, and a deathspitter. He provides synapse, wound allocation, and can take care of characters in assault.

Yeah, its an expensive 500 point unit, but its an extremly well rouned problem solver. Which is kind of a rarity with nids, as most things are highly specialized. Its worked well enough for me anyway.

03-12-2012, 15:33
I normally drop it with sything tallons two sets for the re-roll to hits in cc and bioplasma as its great and doesn't rely on the BS of the fex to hit also you will get to fire it once when you arrive as there is no instinctive behavior test on the turn you turn up with deep strike troops.

03-12-2012, 15:49
If you're going to be podding it, I would recommend 2 sets of Devourers, although your 2nd option doesn't sound too bad. Focus on a shooty unit so he can shoot before he is killed by the shooting he'll attract almost immediately.

Lord Greyskull
03-12-2012, 21:49
Thanks for suggestions.

03-12-2012, 22:29
I say linked devourers as well. Remember to place that pod as close to the rear of a vehicle as well. Lasher tentacles and Stinger Salvo to the rear of a tank has killed many a vehicle for me. I normally run with 2 in a squad. Give them FNP from tervigon and they are golden.

04-12-2012, 00:10
I've only used the screamer killer in a couple games to no effect. Always been targeted and killed before getting to do anything. I don't think the foot slogger is the way to go, might have to try podding it in next time.

04-12-2012, 00:23
My Carnifexes are ironically the things that give my friend his biggest headaches, especially with Devourers. They frequently last the whole game, and usually do the most killing (aside from the murder machine 6th edition turned the flyrant into). Devourers are great all round weapons now - they can reliably strip or destroy AV 10-11-12 vehicles, and in a pinch with combined fire from two reliably handle AV 13 vehicles. They shred infantry, even MEQ's, but forcing lots of saves. While the Carnifex is overpriced and a bit fragile for what it is, with Devourers they do plenty of damage even without podding.

04-12-2012, 01:32
Yes I'm modelling up a dual devourer fex at the moment, I've had a lot of success with my dual dev flying tyrant. I usually play a 'kill the big guys' opponent whenever my nids come out so no surprises the fex is usually first to go.

04-12-2012, 02:28
If you are gonna take fexes you have to have them fit in the army, that means at LEAST a unit of two with a Prime and venomthropes.