View Full Version : Help with fluff for DIY Space Marine/Admech Organization?

02-12-2012, 23:25
So I was working on an Admech Legio that used Imperial Guard and some as yet undecided Marine Codex, when I realized that I had nearly enough marines running about to make a workable army and despite the addition of odds and ends, including Dark Angels Vet robes, they looked more like Space Marines than Skitarii. So I'm thinking I'll just make them into a Chapter. Thing is, they deploy with all kinds of Admech goodies, such as small Knight Titans (Daemon Prince or Lord with Mount, perhaps), endless hordes of Leman Russes, reconsecrated Daemon Engines, tons of Terminators, and portable Void Shields (Plague Marines?).

As such, I've come up with the idea of a DeathWatch-like Organization started by Admech around M38 to help with recovery of rare artifacts of interest as well as operations against Hereteks.
I'm thinking most of the recruits will be taken from Raven Guard and from chapters like the Blood Ravens who quest for knowledge anyways. Reason for Raven Guard is because I think Admech would appreciate their tendency to study carefully before acting, which would be useful for artifacts that are heavily guarded or for operations where stealth is desirable. (Some of the Raven Guard fluff I've seen has them pulling off Night Lords level stuff)
Equally the two seem to get along, given that Deliverance is basically a forgeworld's moon and Raven Guard gene-seed requires more care.
Blood Ravens are an obvious match and perhaps their cooperation in this Organization is why nobody has noticed that they have =][= CENSORED =][= TOTALLY LOYALIST GENE-SEED WITHOUT ANY TRACE OF CONNECTION WITH MAGNUS THE RED.

Does this sound reasonable to all of you?

Now for crunchy questions. I'm thinking of doing this as IG/CSM but I love the idea of Drop Pods and if I do IG, I can have an allied contingent of CSM and some SM at 2000 points. (That or I can just have a bunch of marines that I change rules on whether or not I use Drop Pods that day.)
The natural Codex, I think, is Space Marines, but I hear that the new Dark Angels codex seems geared towards a sudden strike, with the whole Deathwing Assault and Jetbikes? Landspeeder? Troops thing. It also keeps with the using recovered tech theme I'm going for. (Not planning on using Shrike, either.) That said, Matt Ward has me a bit leery. I suppose were I doing a Sons of Corax army, I'd use SM, but this is an Admech organization designed for rapid assault, the Deathwing and Ravenwing of the Admech, so to speak.

What do you all think? How much is using rules to meet odd fluff and how much is munchkining?