View Full Version : Empire 500 points all comers. Feedback please??

05-12-2012, 01:04
Heroes. 100
Level 2 wizard 100*
Core. 650
50 swordsmen full command 325*
25 Halberds detachment 125

10 crossbow men 90*

5 empire knights 110

Total: 750

Hit points dead on so nothing to play with there, if anyone has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.*

I'm also planning an expansion to 750 by adding another unit of crossbowmen, *preferably a magic item on the wizard (suggestions??) and EITHER a Hellblaster or a cannon.


Dark Aly
10-12-2012, 10:14
Firstly I'd consider swapping the swordsmen for halberdiers and vice versa. That leaves 25 points which is good for a standard on the knights and crossbows to help with blood and glory although is isn't essential on the crossbows. I'd also consider decreasing the halberdiers to 40 and the swordsmen to 20 which frees 95 points which could get you a BSB (87 points of it can before you are over the limit). Something like:

Captain= 68 (or 73) points
Full plate, shield (maybe warrior bane if you are expecting etheral units, but he will loose his 6+ ward save this way)

Which lore for the wizard? If there aren't any VC players then beasts is very good but if there are then a lore with a signature magic missile is probably best although if your BSB takes a magic weapon then this doesn't matter so much.

With the knights I like to use a 3x2 formation with great weapons to generate more combat res for my blocks but units with lance are batter as monster killers. What was your plan for them?

The latter part doesn't make sense- your list is already 750 points. Are you adding another 750 or are you increasing to 1k?