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05-12-2012, 23:39
Got a bit of a thought experiment for you all, and I was wondering how you would play this in the event it turned up.

There's a Daemonic Gift for Slaanesh DP's and Keepers that, while I don't have the text in front of me, essentially reads: nominate one character in close combat with you, that character needs to take a Leadership test, if he fails that character is yours until the end of the close combat phase (any wounds this character causes counts towards your combat resolution), this claimed character can not be used in challenges (errata).

My question is this; say you have successfully tempted the Tomb King, in fact, lets be bastards and say in our Ld bomb list we tempted and perverted Settra himself. If Settra is in a unit, and has passed on his WS7 to his charioteers, do the charioteers for as long as Settra is the Slaanesh puppet lose their WS7 as well? I ask because the TK rules say that it passes along it's WS to its friendly units (within 6"), yet if Settra is mine and I'm using it to attack his former comrades, then he implicitly isn't all that friendly anymore.

Anyway, what do you think?

06-12-2012, 04:06
The My Will Be Done rule only states the character needs to accompany a unit, so assuming Temptator doesn't make the King/Settra leave his unit MWBD would still work. Though I could concede that Settra's Golden Crown (MWBD affects friendly Nehekaran Undead units within 6") wouldn't work, so if he was in a multiple combat or another fight was taking place nearby you'd gimp part of his ability :P

06-12-2012, 18:45
Go read the Daemon book again; It is not an issue, the daemonic gift doesn't make the model "yours" for a turn, all it does it have it direct its attacks against friendly models or don't attack at all it isn't in contact with any. (Also it notes that wounds caused count towards the Daemons side, just in case any rules lawyers would claim otherwise...)

That is all it does, no other effects. Settra, or whomever it was that failed his test, do not stop being friendly towards his own troops, even if he is hitting them...

06-12-2012, 22:17
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