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05-12-2012, 23:45
Hi guys, thanks for your time.

I'm building a Legion army list, and wanted to run my background fluff past you, see what you reckon. Here goes:

My idea is for an army that is basically a small company of Loyalist Death Guard survivors from Isstvan, who make it back to the Imperium. After giving their evidence to the Council on Terra, their loyalty is accepted, but they cannot be drafted into another Legion. They are tainted by association with the renegade Death Guard, so they find themselves assigned to the Adeptus Mechanicus (basically because nobody is sure what else to do with them).

The army will be led by Morturg, and will contain allies, initially from the Mechanicus appendix in Betrayal until a full Mechanicus list comes out.

Does that sound plausible / interesting?

Also, if anyone has any ideas for how to convert up some AM Thallanxes, please let me know!

06-12-2012, 18:21
Personally, I wouldn't even bring the Council Of Terra into it. I doubt the Imperium's leaders would wish to see themselves associated with heretics (despite any protestations of innocence). I would either have them keep their true identity secret (which could be a problem if your wanting to keep the Death Guard colours), or have them be based on a more radical, open minded or backwater* planet, where they've already proven their worth, or the locals haven't even heard of the Death Guard.

*Backwater as in little contact with the rest of the Imperium, but still with the infrastructure required to support the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Ultimately its up to you, though. If you think it could work, go for it!

06-12-2012, 20:39
Good point. I only mention the Council because Morturg does actually give evidence to them, but I'll happily ignore that. In fact, it could just be that they escape with some of the Mechanicus from the planet, and simply get taken back to a Mechanicus world and sort of find themselves fighting alongside them by default.

07-12-2012, 09:51
how about this...

They made their way back from Isstvan and got stuck in a warp storm
there they were frozen for thousands of years until a mechanicus fleet investigated the warpstorm thousands of years later using a radical inq's alien technology to stop it as a test.
They discover the DG and the INQ instead of turning them over to the now fanitical imperium, wasting them as a force... spins them a line and gets them to work with him and his mechanicus allies... disguising them and recruiting fallen comrades from the ranks of his mechanicus allies.

unless ye mean pre herecy? in which case yea ye idea sounds fine...