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09-12-2012, 05:02
Hey guys,

First of all thanks in advance for all your help. Love this community and appreciate all the help from you guys over the years.

So my new army idea, I want to make an Eldar army similar to the corsair lists we've been seeing but with a twist. I'd like to use the dark Eldar list for rules and mostly DE models. I'm thinking about shaving off some of the spiky bits so they don't look so evil, kind of just going for a free lance look instead of purely evil. Then I'd like to mix in some CW Eldar units where they fit with the fluff of a fast moving hard hitting cc oriented army.

So my questions for you guys are:

1. Given the fluff I'm going for does it make sense to base it off DE and then use craft world allies?
2. Do you think I'll be able to successfully convert the de models to look less evil or is there just too much involved?
3. General thoughts, opinion and criticism of the concept.
4. Fluff is my primary concern. However I've heard and seen that assault armies have taken kind of a hit with 6th. I really don't care if I win or lose but I'd like the list to at least be competitive. Your thoughts on what to do to make this possible.
5. Any other ideas or advice you have!

Thanks in advance guys!

09-12-2012, 06:15
1. Yes, see Path of the Outcast.
2. Depends what you are converting. Wyches and Coven units, probably not. Kabalite Warriors are definitely a yes. You would be hard pressed to make the transports look less like daggers.
3. There is not much to work with at this time. Farseer with Jetbikes or Rangers as troops with War Walkers seems to be pretty good.
4. Depends who you are playing but I probably wouldn't have an all out assault army. A unit of Wyches led by a Succubus or Haemonculus can wreck face though. At Haywire Grenades for Vehicles and Phantasmal Grenade Launcher for Stealth on the charge and you got something viable in less than uber-competitive games.
5. Paint Dark Eldar pretty colors???

09-12-2012, 09:19
I recall something about Dark Eldar saving a craftworld (Ilynaden I think) from a large invasion because they found their tinkering with wraith constructs amusing. So perhaps you could work from there, using a couple of units of Wraithguard and some seers to form a solid battle-line that your more mobile Dark Eldar units can move in and out and around from.

09-12-2012, 15:20
My army is themed around a corsair fleet. The general look is inspired by the Dark Eldar kits, but I mix in bits from various other elf and Eldar kits (my favorite being the Wood Elf Glade Guard hooded heads) into my infantry to give them the look of outcasts from all over. I try to keep away from things like haemonculus creations or anything made from wraithbone simply because I feel they're both the extremes of Eldar societies.

Since my core army is Dark Eldar I focus on Warriors and Raiders led by a counts-as Sliscus. I'm only starting on my allies, but I'm planning on a Farseer with Rangers as troops and either Vypers or Warwalkers for added support. I feel those units keep the army rather neutral while still adding something useful.

09-12-2012, 22:26
Any reason you wouldn't use the actual Corsair list? You could definitely use the Kabalite Warrior models if you like them, the only tricky thing would be jetpacks.

10-12-2012, 00:56
Guys thanks so much for the responses so far! Like the ideas, as to the last post, I like the idea and fluff of corsairs which is why I want to use it but I just love the assault phase.

I've been an IG player and have never been able to really enjoy the phase. I thought a DE list would be an opportunity for a fast army that could be decent in CC.

So basically trying to make a DE assault focused list but stealing the corsair fluff!

10-12-2012, 01:09
So basically trying to make a DE assault focused list but stealing the corsair fluff!

Model Incubi as corsairs with shields and power axes, it would look cool, distinct, and different from regular incubi.
You could also represent Wracks as corsairs with dragonscale cloaks, say that's why they have the t4 and FNP rules.

10-12-2012, 09:24
If you're going less evil, more pirates in space themed, try picking up some Dark Elf models from Warhammer Fantasy. They've got some beautiful pirate-y models that convert well, as well as being less expensive than 40k minis.

Bright colors help take some of the evil look out. My neon tye-dye vehicles, bikes, and hoverboards seem to make my DE less menacing looking at least. The general fluff for my force is that they're a combined force of eldar looking for pre-fall stuff on highly irradiated crone worlds. The neon is camouflage.

Try removing spikey bits where possible. Blunting the nose on your raiders may look less evil, if done well and uniformly across your army. Many of the normal faces look less scary than the helmets.

@Deris87: Maybe because a lot of people still don't accept forgeworld?

10-12-2012, 10:03
Guys thanks so much for the responses so far! Like the ideas, as to the last post, I like the idea and fluff of corsairs which is why I want to use it but I just love the assault phase.

It's a difference of scale more than theme, really, DE and corsairs are both basically raiders, and corsairs run the spectrum from somewhat autonomous forces allied with a craftworld (iirc that's what Yriel is now) to essentially dark Eldar (Sliscus). There's no reason why a Corsair Prince can't get some dark eldar allies for a big raid, so getting allies shouldn't cause a fluff issue.

As for the look, I'd say wyches probably won't need too much effort to get the look you want; it is kabalites with their uniform, fully armored look that are the more intimidating imo. Space pirates ought to look fearsome, but perhaps they should have a more individualistic look, not wear identical, faceless uniforms. Remove the spikes of some models, change some heads so most don't wear helmets (pirates, remember?), and add personal touches - trophies (i.e. kroot head on one of the spikes, bolt pistol on another model, etc), markings, different poses and so on. I'd second the notion of using fantasy bits, of course. Go heavy on the accessories (successful, proud pirates will probably have a LOT of bling) and color.

By the way, you want to get wracks or grotesques, how about getting completely different models and representing them as some strange alien beasts, sort of like the ones beastmasters get? This would explain why there is a haemonculus with the grotesques - he's the handler.

10-12-2012, 10:54
I am just starting an army with the same idea - I plan to use the Corsair list mainly, but if I'm honest I'll probably end up with a swirling melange of Dark Eldar, Craftworld Eldar, and Corsair Eldar, picking and choosing which bit to use as the main and which bit to use as allies and which unit to leave at home on a whimsical basis. My only regret is not being able to add Exodites to that (save as proxies). So, fluffwise, I think it's brilliant.

In terms of effectiveness...

If you're going for an assault based list of DEldar pirates, then Sliscus fits your fluff perfectly and is fantastic news for combat drug using units. A few units of Wyches and the like rerolling combat drug rolls attacking Doomed units sounds like a reasonable start. You can use some DEldar splinter goodness to whittle down hordes to an acceptable size for them. High armour saves represent a bigger problem and this might be a job for your Eldar armies - maybe a Fire Prism or some Fire Dragons. Rangers also make perfect sense in this list, can sit on objectives happily, and are ok for a shot at cracking high armour types.

10-12-2012, 18:17
1) Fluffwise you really don't have to much to worry about to be honest. Eldar are all over the place in what they do as far as other races are concerned because they will do things that seem random based on their visions, and best interests. Its why the imperium has no ideal what to expect (and why from their prespective alot of the time the eldar fractions are just lumped together). Right now i'm working on an allied list with the concept that my craftworld took major losses and effectively has hired privateers (they have a lot to offer when you think about... trading materials, repairs, and of course visions)

2) Really depends on the models and what your shooting for, and honestly corsairs would have some guys that look just as shady. That said the tougher choices for that really don't line up with what your shooting for so you should be fine.

3) just have fun, don't overthink this stuff too much.

4) Assault armies have taken a hit, but DE do have a couple of advantages in that they have open topped transports, and wyches can take haywires which makes for a decent general purpose assault unit.