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17-05-2006, 14:53
First, I want to apologize for my english - I have learned it by myself and it's not as good as I want. But I hope that is at least understandable. :)

Now: IMO there is need for some clear and balanced rules for burning down woods. In 5th edition some spells (like skaven scorch) described effects of setting wood on flame.
I know that such rules can be real disadvantage for WE armies, but now it's a sort of curiosity: you have nasty, big fire-belching dragon or flamethrower filled with sticky, high-flammable warp-liquid and you do nothing against wood, because there is no official rules...
So, I'm waiting for your suggestions about such rules. (I know, that for example some rules about burning are in General's Compendium. )
Thanks in advance!

17-05-2006, 18:24
The forests represented on the table top are meant to be huge areas of forest, not just a few trees in a small area, to set them all on fire and burn them all down would take quite a while, longer than the battle would last and it would take more than just a dragons breath or a fireball to make the whole forest burn down. In my opinion.

Also do you not think that wood elves have had to deal with people trying to burn down the forest before, there are bound to be ways they have of stopping the fire taking root etc.

Rules for destroying terrain would make fantasy far more complicated than it should ever be.

17-05-2006, 20:18
As a house-rule you could declare each wood to be a single structure with a Toughness and Wounds value in the same way as a Warmachine.

Toughness 5.
The wood has a number of Wounds equal to its length in inches (use the greatest value).
The wood is immune to all damage except from the following:
- Models with the Large Target rule.
- Flaming attacks.
- Logging equipment.
Note that the woods are immune to psychology, break tests, poision, instantly getting trasported into the warp etc. You are attacking a piece of terrain. Be pleased that it has wounds it can lose.

Large models: During the close combat phase, these models can attack any one Wood they are within. They may not do so if engaged in close combat. The model deal one automatic wound to the Wood.

Logging Equipment: Only non-character models on foot can use Logging equipment. Any unit can replace their normal weapons and shields for a single hand-weapon (or the equivalent) and logging equipment. Use of logging equipment allows the unit to attack the wood. During the close combat phase, these models can attack any one Wood they are within. They may not do so if engaged in close combat. The model's attacks hit automatically. Roll to wound as normal.

Flaming attacks: Treat the wood as a single Large model. If the wood is partially covered by a template weapon then it is considered affected: there is no need to roll the traditional 4+. If the attack is made with a close combat weapon it is worked out as described for logging equipment.

For each wound lost to Flaming attacks, roll a D6. On the roll of one or more 6's the wood catches on fire. All models in the wood must take an immediate Panic test.

At the end of each players turn the Wood automatically loses one Wound. Also roll a D6 for each model in the burning wood. On a roll of 6 the model takes a wound counting as Flaming damage) with no armour save.

Once the Wood has begun to burn it will continue to do so until it loses it's last wound.

When the Wood is reduced to 0 wounds it is removed from play.


Crazy Harborc
17-05-2006, 21:20
T10's psot has many good points. I do not think that GW is very likely to throw into the rulebook some special rules for destroying terrain.

Iron Buddha
17-05-2006, 22:24
i dont think woods should be flammable unless your playing on winter terrain or if its a patch of dead trees

17-05-2006, 23:25
T10's psot has many good points. I do not think that GW is very likely to throw into the rulebook some special rules for destroying terrain.

Agreed. Defeating Wood Elves by taking away their forest is probably best suited for a custom scenario. I can't see chopping down or burning a piece of terrain as being a tactical option during *every* battle.

As for Orcs and Dwarfs plundering the forest for timber, this I would assume is done *before* the Wood Elves show up, and is resumed *after* the Wod Elves have been defeated in a regular battle.


17-05-2006, 23:45
Since woods are larger than depicte on the battlefield, I recommend that flaming weapons ought to only affect a small section in the duration of a battle. This could play out as follows:

1. Attack a section of woods (as represented by the small blast template) with a qualified flaming weapon (not just a flaming sword, but at least a dragon, warpfire thrower, fireball)

2. Roll a d6 to see if the woods have caught fire. Agree with opponant to determine the roll required based on setting. Perhaps: 2+ in certain dead forests in Sylvania. 3+ for normal trees. 5+ for lush jungle trees of lustria.

3. Leave the template in place. Any models touching or crossing that template suffer a S5 flaming hit with no armor save.

4. Consider the template as blocking LOS (smoke and flames).

5. Burning woods will burn all game (unless perhaps halted by Kislevite Ice Magic??)

This will allow the Skaven warpfire thrower or Fire Wizard to set a portion of the wood alight and prevent enemy skirmishers (Wood Elves; Skinks; etc) from using part of the wood boundary as safe haven for missile fire.

- Gukal

19-05-2006, 06:58
Thank you all for your posts. Especially T10 and gukal for some ideas.
As for me, there should be rules about setting woods on fire, but indeed, I don't think that GW will make them.